8 May 2020 – CoD Modern Warfare Warzone Item Store


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  1. Armed Response pack please!
    Why are you rotating the same stuff over and over!?? Just put everything up and let us choose! Waiting day after day for a new pack is pointless when you offer the same bundles day after day.

    1. exactly man their store update is so lame they would make more money doing what you said i don’t see the point of this boring updates changing one bundle or blueprint per day and repeating the same sh*t next week smh the worst store updates on any game

  2. What the hell are you doing IW? Update the stupid shop. I’m tired of this same rotation of ugly and simple packs on weapons nobody uses. Give me tracers, the gamer pack, anime pack, or something more tactical/elite. WHERE IS THE CONTINGENCY GHOST BUNDLE

  3. It’s the same damn bundles. Literally nothing rotating. I’ve also been getting the same bundles for 2 weeks now. Bring back RAM-7 TRACER BUNDLE!!!