1. Really is time to bring back this package. COD what you doing, people want to spend their money on a digital product, make it happen.

    1. bruh. I swear it was out like three days ago. Stop begging to bring back bundles. heck, this website isn’t even connected to IW. I haven’t seen Notice me 1 and the akimbo weapon bundles for months now

  2. when the fuck will it come back, cod is trash. I’m moving on to something else. I’m tired of the shit they plug over and over and skip the ones people wait for. Peace all, I have obsidian on most weapons so i’m over it. Not waiting on heavenly aim no longer.

    1. I agree with you! Im going on Strike too!! Or wait!! Should we Protest and break our consoles and games and the windows in our houses just cause!!??!!!… oh wait, what would that acomplish…. I am quitting though!

  3. yah, they take so long, you shouldn’t have to wait for different packs to load, the store they call it should have a-z titles and you can pick at anytime. COD is so cheesy im about over it.

  4. Plz bring our baby back we are all patiently waiting the space in with you leave between the bundles is rediculas

  5. Bring back the gun we are sick of waiting my god this is no way to treat good customers people are upset

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