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  1. Anybody willing to gift this?

    Blitzkreig1453#4294198 this is my account.

    I have 1700 cod points. Im willing to buy a bundle that is at this price or under. Give me a shout.

  2. Pongan este paquete en tienda por favooooor, eh estado hablando con varios amigos y todo mundo desea esta skin sobre todo en estos tiempos

  3. I love this rodoon skin it’s by far the coolest of his they should bring this to the store
    I wish they swapped operators every day so we could cycle through faster and buy more

  4. Bring this back please. So many things I want that aren’t available! Bring this one and line maurader please.

  5. I just bought this today, I’ve been waiting for this to come back in the store, now I need the Spetnaz pack to return to get the desert camo and black helmet version for Rodion.

    1. hey have you found it already?

      should be under ur operator – the right side faction under rodion

    2. I Had same problem today. I waited and after 10 min I got back to the shop on the bundle. I clicked then on buy and it worked, I have the skin now

  6. still waiting for this skin to appear in the store. I’ve been tracking it and this is one with the least rotation