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    1. The only one with issues is the person who felt it was necessary to spam posts on this site guilt tripping other people because they wanted bundles many months ago. Clearly the person in question cared because someone who doesn’t care won’t go out of their way to make many posts attacking other people for wanting bundles and then blaming them for the game being trash instead of blaming the higher ups in Activision who are responsible for the game’s direction and current state. Especially if the person in question is pretending to be multiple people. Also saying no one cares in your response makes no sense because you would have to care to some degree in order to feel it’s necessary to respond to me in the first place.

  1. You people never use your brains. The developers are out of office on Christmas holiday, that’s why that game hasn’t been fixed yet. You and the small minority of players experiencing bugs/problems not buying bundles won’t change anything. The vast majority of players aren’t experiencing the same issues as all of you and are playing the game without a care in the world. They will continue to play the game and purchase bundles no matter what you do. Harassing the innocent people on this website because they want bundles to show up in the store because said bundles haven’t been in the store in months to a year is unnecessary. Leave them alone, quit the game and never play it again. You help nobody doing what you all do. You’re not heroes. you’re losers with too much time on your hands.

  2. I think what would really help would be to stop buying bundles to show Activision that we want warzone fixed plus your not helping calling the dude an outcast he has a very based point and if anything buying bundles won’t solve the bug fixed or the bad anti cheat buying bundles just shows Activision your weak when it comes to something that is only pixels on a screen

  3. It’s not just Activisions fault warzone is full of bugs it’s the people that keep still giving them money and ebegging constantly for bundles I have deal with a load assets loop after completing 1 single game in MW2019 only way I can end it is by closing my game I mean the dude may be a little salty buts he’s got a strong point and the only outcast here is you my dude defending the people who beg day by day by day by day for bundles and that is what’s killing not just warzone but the game industry slowly

  4. He made good point warzone is slowly dying and streamers are leaving the game because of people demanding bundles instead of in game fixes and by defending the ebeggers that makes you more of the douchebag than the ebeggers

    1. You are pretending to be different people agreeing with you. Do you not understand how weird and delusional you are?. It’s not the fault of people buying bundles, it’s the corrupt higher ups in Activision who make bad decisions regardless of what we as consumers do. Do you also realize that many streamers who quit lost a lot of their viewer count? Then there’s also the fact that people like yourself complaining about problems make up the minority of players. The vast majority of players are playing this game without issue. Just because you see a lot of people on social media complaining like you doesn’t mean that the problem(s) are as wide spread as you think. Get over yourself, You have been harassing people on this site who have been wanting bundles for many months to a year just to feel bigger and better than them all because you have this weird sense of higher morality. Putting these innocent people down doesn’t make you the bigger and better person, especially when you have to pretend to be 2 or 3 different people agreeing with you when it’s obvious it’s you making different post based on the way they are all typed out and structured.

  5. How sad do you have to be to blame others for something that’s not their fault? Are you an outcast and is this the only way you can cope?

  6. You guys are doing a great job at killing warzone just ebegging for bundles instead of telling Activision to fix their game your the prime reason warzone is slowly dying

  7. What happened to the modern warfare armory? There’s no bundles next to the guns anymore wtfff there used to be a bundle for every gun now there’s nothing

  8. Please add saw bundle please. Saw. Saw. Saw. Saw. Saw. Please release before new Halloween. Almost a year waiting saw to return. Sob. Sob.

  9. Hello. Please add Roze behind the skin and Saw bundle please. I’m waiting every single times and checking everyday. Oh Gosh…

    1. Yeah, stop the double-standard hypocrisy of ‘protecting’ the females when really, you’re just objectifying them, body-shaming, fat-shaming and secluding them, making them completely ‘covered-up’, wrapped-up like gift boxes, stiff like rocks, only for “their consumer” to “enjoy” in ’18+’ moments because that’s the only time and place “appropriate” where the female body can be seen and expressed.
      Let them be free like the males! They’re both the same and yet unique!

  10. They need more woman stuff fr. All the guy characters have like 8 different skins and the women are limited, if not absolutely stupid looking. Get decent female characters who LOOK LIKE FEMALES and give them decent outfits with some class. I don’t want to run around with crazy colors but at the same time I don’t want so much camo and face/head coverings I look like a dude. Add some decent looking sensible woman characters and skins.

    1. Too scared to add real girls…
      They cant even apply soft body physics so the certain characters in-game look realistic and not like action figures…
      bad times

  11. With all the glitches and issues iam having that I can’t get any support for there seems to be no reason to buy anything else for this game till they get their act together and bring this game above the beta tester level complete mass advertising money grab ripping off stupid ppl … 3 weeks trying to open gun sight rectical via mounted kills one of the most easy thing to do in MW and it won’t advance past 64 and a handful of similar issues! Play the objectives you say well how about making the objective work in the first place. Till then I will remain free player running around killing other players for shitz & gigglez! How dose a company fuk up a game with such potential 2 out 0f 5 stars FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! GREED GREED GREED for that Activision your the best #1 FK ups in the gaming industry cheers your frenemy BWx75 STFU!

  12. yeou need to buy the items that are shown in the store and as you buy each bundle a new one will take its spot. there actually is tons and tons of more bundles that you dont even know exist.

  13. what would be cool is if they make like a new mil slm operator as like a navy seal operator with the m4 looking like an hk 416

  14. Can we coax Activision into bringing back the Mack 8 Custom? I need to stare at it for six hours in the store before not buying it for a third time

  15. Where is blunt force like the first one and will it ever come back like blunt force 2 will I come back early and why isn’t it in armory

    1. me too, especially since two new anime bundles were leaked for this season (anime sniper, more anime tracer weapons, an anime themed riot shield, anime themed knife, and a anime figurine charm).

          1. i would show you, but links dont work here
            Notice Me IV – COD Tracker <- in search browser should pop it up 4 u

      1. It lie, singular not lies plural you uneducated moron. Asking for a bundle to added to the store is also useless here since no one has influence on what gets added to the store.

        1. “you’re lying” and “LIES!!!” would be the proper grammar structure. “It lie” is grammatically incorrect in this context

    1. don’t mind him, he’s just butthurt. If the “his name was death” bundle isn’t in the armory (or the item shop), then it can’t be bought. You can try to search for it by looking for the “mot” mp5 (since it’s included in the bundle). I’d recommend checking this website everyday for the daily item shop changes. Armory bundles don’t change as much, but it may appear soon enough!

  16. Everyone here that posts requests for a pack. You’re wasting your time. NO ONE HERE HAS INFLUENCE OVER THE ROTATION IN THE STORE! Stop saying stupid things like: “ please bring back (vanity item)!” It’ll come back when IW puts it in rotation!

      1. First learn how to write properly with proper grammar when you insult someone you uneducated simpleton. Second, stop crying on here along with all the other idiots that waste their time begging for bundles that no one can do anything about. Third: fuck off

    1. I see it in my armory all the time, along with the red tracers. Sometimes purple get replace with green

  17. Where the hell is mara bundle still not out and season 5 is literally nearly 2 days away how much longer are they gonna make us wait?

  18. Can you please bring back the anime express pack with the truck skin, pink uzi, pink shotgun and plush pillow charm ! I have every other anime pack and I really want this one . I will buy it immediately

  19. My armory section only shows the blueprints I already have, it doesn’t show me all the available blueprints like it used to. Why did this change and will it return back to how it use to be.

    1. Will the Corrupter Blueprint for Ram-7 ever be available to get again or don’t they bring them back if they were in a seasons battle pass?

    1. it’s weird but the armory bundles are the extra bundles you see in the armory section. Some of them are in the shop too, but others are only buyable in the armory. idk why they did this but hey, more bundles. It updates every week or so. I think

      1. Yes what this guy said👍, although the armory seem to update every other day from what we observed.