Fire claw blueprints call of duty modern warfare item bundle


  1. Everyone here that posts requests for a pack. You’re wasting your time. NO ONE HERE HAS INFLUENCE OVER THE ROTATION IN THE STORE! Stop saying stupid things like: “ please bring back (vanity item)!” It’ll come back when IW puts it in rotation!

    1. I see it in my armory all the time, along with the red tracers. Sometimes purple get replace with green

  2. Where the hell is mara bundle still not out and season 5 is literally nearly 2 days away how much longer are they gonna make us wait?

  3. Can you please bring back the anime express pack with the truck skin, pink uzi, pink shotgun and plush pillow charm ! I have every other anime pack and I really want this one . I will buy it immediately

  4. My armory section only shows the blueprints I already have, it doesn’t show me all the available blueprints like it used to. Why did this change and will it return back to how it use to be.

    1. it’s weird but the armory bundles are the extra bundles you see in the armory section. Some of them are in the shop too, but others are only buyable in the armory. idk why they did this but hey, more bundles. It updates every week or so. I think

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