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  1. Now I love the m4 but it has many tracers for it, can I plz just have one bizon tracer like idc if it shoots out rainbows and says I like men or I’m gay I just want tracers for the bizon

      1. I read all these comments and in my head i saw little girls complaining,crying, time to change there diapers or pull ups…..

  2. I know people want to complain that it’s another tracer pack for the M4 but man the iron sight on this variant is so clean!

      1. Lmao i bet you cant even hit a bullet bruh, the m13 could and can outgun the m4, kilo and the amax and i have done it before many times.

  3. Where that guy who said this gun turns people into skeletons when they are killed?? I told him that it shoots red tracers and the gun frame itself is skeletonized. He swore up and down he was right. I kept telling him the description of this bundle said it all. I want to see his reaction

    1. I do as well, he was so sure that it turned people into bones XD I honestly really like the look of this M4 though, have always loved the look of the skeletonized rifles