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  1. Please bring back the zombie zapper mastercraft on Cold War by February 15th for my Birthday please and thank you.

    By the way, I love your games, cod is my all-time favorite game I`ve been playing your games since 2015 I started on PS3 BO1/cod and I`ve been hooked since then.

  2. Anybody know how can i get my ild bundles from 2019 verdansk…. I fck hate this mw 2 and 3 shit..all garbage and bundles too… they even put pathfinder in..fck Activision

  3. I think it would be a good idea to blatantly state that this is a fan-made website to help prevent confusion as you’ve made this site so good, I recon it gives off the impression that you’re with / are the developers
    I thought so too, at first


    1. The Syd Tactical Human bundle was avaiable this year in July(in the Modern Warfare Store,not sure about Warzone) alongside with the Yegor Tactical Human bundle.I will try to remember your comment when it becomes available again.

  5. Please bring back the Roze behind the skin and saw bundle pls. I waiting those bundles like a crazy. Everyday checking and so tired and addicted to waiting those drugs bundle. Please…

  6. I can’t stand the store rotation bullshit. I live paycheck to paycheck, on a bi-weekly basis. All expenses and other purchases get handled THAT Friday. I have 0 dollars for a long 13 days every 2 weeks. I would have purchased a bundle if the one I wanted was AVAILABLE on the Friday I got paid, but instead it’s all ‘artsy’ dumb BS. How about a list of all purchasable blueprints and operators, instead of a ‘roll of the dice’ waiting game. I feel like Fry from Futurama. I know the BUNDLES I want ( Yes, Plural ) ‘JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY’ Activison wouldn’t be hindering themselves buy giving players more purchasing choices all at once. They would more than likely profit more from it. But instead it’s a new take on loot crates with an ‘eventual’ win. Loot crates are BS too. Keep your crooked, rotten, casino BS out of my game!

  7. Surprises me how expensive the bundles are. I don’t mind paying for content but kinda feels like a bit of a rort especially considering skins can’t be applied across multiple weapons and there’s no way to filter a weapon type with ease or any other accessory for that matter. It’s just a 3 strikes you’re out , too many red flags on the play.

  8. Pleeeeeez bring back the Balkan Blue Lightning Unit!!!!! Its the best Skin for coming Night Modes! Everyone has a dark Skin but i Cant buy it anywhere. If you want that money and be fair to all players (cuz there are More dark imba skins than just roze) then go ahead and do it!

  9. Really wish they would bring back “Fire Claw III” bundle! Sure there are a lot of players who want to get some Tiger King swag!

  10. Will a certain blueprint return, because the Sere Kit- Mid range is not on the M4 store section. So hopefully this blueprint returns

  11. If you didn’t know, any previous packs that aren’t immediately viewable on the store can be found in the load out menu next to the weapons, you can view and purchase any pack all the way from season 1 to 5.

    1. probably wont come out for weeks. IW likes to separate the release date for their anime-themed bundles. I honestly wanted an anime sniper, but the rytec is hot garbo in multiplayer. I’d rather just get the second anime tracer pack.

  12. I would really like to see the Nikto Operator Bundle as I’ve been wanting to get my hands on the Cerulean Assault Rifle for a while

  13. Everyone I know has been patiently awaiting the new Ghost bundle Beyond the Pale. It’d be nice to play season 5 with it. Please!

  14. Please Notice Me lll, Notice me ll & Anime express come back!
    (I wonder if packs disappear completely when a new season arrives?)

      1. hello, is it possible to purchase COD points directly from you, the company and use them on the account on playstation 4 rather than giving the points to sony?

  15. The pack I want isn’t in the store. You are loosing out on my money. Why not make it so we can pick what ever bundle we would like, I don’t understand this system? All it does is make players frustrated who would like to purchase something.

    1. you can, go to the blueprints arnory section, or check what weapons are in the pack you want, go to that weapon in the loadout section, click store, and click the variant and you can buy the pack

  16. Yeh we need the whole store to be open. You are definitely losing out on so much money infinity ward & Activision. Let us have access to browse and purchase all of the blueprints.

    1. I agree with you, we should be able to buy any bundle we want, but arguably, they are making more money off of this type of marketing scheme. Forcing a selected amount of bundles can increase the visual value of one bundle above another. Not trying to get all business-y with this but it’s just the more profitable way to sell things, so I’m pretty sure they wont just allow you to buy everything.

  17. There should be a system where we set our own rewards, one every 10 tiers, from a selection of new content. People will be more likely to play the season out and more willing to buy the next one. The store should have everything in it (old and new), so if you missed something, are a new player, or picked one reward over another you now want, you can go in and grab it (as part of a pack). I don’t understand why it has to be such a frustrating experience when we are literally paying for the privilidge.

  18. We should be able to buy what we want. Why isn’t the whole store available? You guys are losing out on money not letting us browse the whole store.

    1. I agree 100% they’d of made a ton of money off me already. If they don’t have something I want I won’t settle. Like most of us we’ll wait and spend our money on the things we actually want. Seems like the store has the same stuff way too long. Everything should be available to buy under the operators just like it is under the weapons now

  19. Please re add the bare metal pack, I’m tired of seeing nothing but tracer packs appear in the store, yall literally brought the bare metal pack in once and I haven’t seen it in the store since,

  20. I would like to buy the copperhead bundle, can you bring it to the Store pls?
    And pls bring a Mara Operator bundle to the store


    1. I have bought a lot from the store, now my bundles have just stayed the same for 3 days now. Why won’t they put anything new in my store. I’ve seen twitch streamers buy bundles that haven’t been advertised here yet.

      1. I’ve purchased a ton also. I have double listings on Several Bundles for sale in the store. What is up with that? Seriously Activision/Ward… you can’t do better than that after all the bucks I’ve thrown your way. That’s just sad.

    1. I can’t believe how dumb Activision/Infinity Ward are that they do not let you SEARCH the Store for any and all items ever offered on COD MW! Why the HELL would they want to limit what we can see or buy from the store?!?! It makes absolutely no fokking sense!!

      Change and FIX the Store so that we can SEARCH for and BUY every and any item ever offered for sale in the game! Also add a refresh” function, whereby we can refresh the store and view new items on each refresh. Or just an option to view ALL items ever offered in the store.

      Whoever is in charge of the COD MW Store right now needs to be fired for this epic failure at losing countless customer revenue on items that took artists and designers God-knows-how-long to create!!

      1. Yeah that’s what I was thinking If they dont fix it I just wont spend anymore money with them. Also take down that racist statement BLACK LIVES MATTER because that’s what it is a racist statement all lives matter and that is the message you should want to get out not the lie that keeps oppressing the black community

        1. Bro no on ever said all lives didn’t matter. “Black lives matter” is not a racist statement either, you’re just making it out to be. It’s a serious issue. But you wanna jump on the “all lives matter not only black lives” train for some reason. Is it cuz everyone is focused on a single race, which probably isn’t your race and that’s why you’re whining about It. It’s good they wanna support it. And one has ever said ONLY black lives matter. So chill 💀

        2. Please educate yourself so you don’t look foolish.

          If you break your arm and go to the doctor, and the doctor says “all your bones matter, not just your arm.” You’re gonna look at them stupid because yes, all your bones matter but they are fine, your arm needs attention right now.
          BLM is that arm, saying all lives matter is redundant.

  22. Join me together we shall claim what ours heavenly aim bundle needs to be blessed back into our stores or atleast MAKE A REFRESH BUTTON in the store so we can refresh the things we do not like very terrible how we cant chose how to spend are money what an unfair advantage as well.. Shame SHAME BRING A REFRESH BUTTON IN THE STORE. Rant done sincerly a well respected cod customer.

  23. I hope everyone realizes you can turn off the blood and gore and the operator voices in the settings so its more like rated t for teen.

  24. Hello Activision, can you please release a colorful tracer pack. It is boring indoors with this pandemic and my kids really want to decorate their weapons.

      1. Why? Too violent? Are you that dense you think exposure and even participating in a GAME that is more of a competitive fun game than having actual violent content is bad because of the violence? Well, guess your kids shouldn’t be watching the news. Or going to school where there might be fights. Or in public at all because of the small (very very) small amount of violence that may take place. Yes, in a game there’s certain violence vs the possibility a crazy person might be crazy, but it’s fake, fun, and competitive, vs the very real, harsh and cold reality. If anything, your kids playing Call of Duty might prepare them for violence on the news or understanding how bad war is. I’m sorry that you feel the need to coddle your child rather than letting them play a fun game with their friends, and with that, allow them to understand reality.

      2. You must be a boring parent if you’re begging a company to help entertain your kids lmaoo.

  25. Hello,
    my question would be, will the tracer pack: anime blueprints still be in the store? And if so for how long?

    1. The green tracer pack is here today on mine. So is the blue and pink. BUT on my daughters game they are all there

    1. The M4a1 is for pussies and people who suck Ass cheeks at the game it is a noob and campers best friend

      1. It is literally the most average gun in the game. It doesn’t have any bad stats, nor does it have any good stats. The same thing goes for all of its ammunition conversions too. Compare this to other guns that have a high fire-rate but lower damage, or a low fire-rate and higher damage, and its clear as day why the M4A1 happens to win more engagements, it is just more rounded out.

        But if you are a good player, and create loadouts that fit your playstyle perfectly, and you play your matches in a way that you always have the advantage, you should be able to win against any player regardless of loadout.

        If the first thing you do when you lose a firefight is blame the tools the enemy was using, you will never get better at the game.

  26. Hello Is it Random What pops up in the Store Because I only see some of the Stuff here not all and when I buy something than something else pops up.

    1. That is correct, when you buy a bundle it will be replaced by another bundle. Currently, it seems to be random which bundle will appear after you buy one.

  27. I was also wondering if there was a schedule to know to buy specific packs. Was looking for the Anime- Breakup

    1. There is not a specific schedule for any bundle to return. However, we do have a timer on the frontpage that shows when the store usually updates.

  28. Hello I bought Scar blueprint named Fireclaw its so unfair if I change barrel or smth else it change look for normal scar instead of fireclaw skin. They are making people fools paying for this sh*t. I wont buy anything in future.

  29. Hi, the tracer green pack disappeared sometime this morning and I was going to buy it. Will it be coming back?

      1. How can I buy a blueprint that’s not in the store any longer? Why would you not have everyone available all the time? You’re losing tons of money not having things we want to buy available.

  30. Do you guys know if they bring back blueprints? I wanted to buy the Executive Armory 4 and now it’s gone.

    1. Yes! They do bring them back keep checking here on codmwstore.com to see which bundles are up for sale to not miss it again 👍