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  1. Guys you can get the skin if you turn back the Date and Time on your PC/Console, and look at the store tab on MW2! Worked for me!

  2. hey, call of duty i really want this skin pleas bring her back for 1 day so I can cop rq all love please bring Nicki back so I can main my man Jkuccis skin!

  3. Did I ask? No. So go back to simping for a girl that sucks big rapper dick’s, just to get money and make shitty music.

    1. The arguing is crazy yall😭😭🙏🙏 like yes, it’s stupid to add something like this to a game about WAR AND GUNS but like yall don’t need to diss her, like hell yeah I agree it’s stupid

  4. (They only added this skin, cause she has a big ass. And she can say “Skrrt” or whatever the fuck sound she does, to make herself look cool.)

  5. Is this ever coming back to store. Dont feel comfortable giving my log in to a stranger on ebay and paying double for it.. but jeeze.

  6. Just got mw2 with this skin being one of my main reasons for doing so ever since i heard about it. Is this still available?

    1. I know how to spell you dummb…troll bcs if i spelled corect i will got my coment removed…do you get it now..dumb kid behind keyboard

  7. Fugly hell Nicki trash girl reper..nice 1 activison..Better to put Avril Lavigne instead of trrash Nicki the Midghet

  8. I dont know if this bundle is still avalable but i would try to go to costomise vechicles then ltv and try and find the one in the bundle if not then try and find the loading screen.

    1. I know it was in the shop try and go to the vechicles and click the ltv and find the car the pack came with and you can go to the loading screen til you find it otherwise its gone

  9. Load into Warzone go to Customize select the LTV and there you can select the Nicki Minaj Bundle and it brings you into the Store to buy it.

    Tried and tested 28.11.2023

    1. Yeah, start MW2 or wherever you can go to operator selection and her model is there and you can purchase the bundle that way. IDK about DMZ or WZ. It just worked for me 11/28/23. Still missing from the store but u can get it this way

  10. Guys , start & restart your game and go to Warzone – Operators. My Nicki was still gone. But appears random today at Warzone Operators

  11. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I went into the warzone operators and she was there and I was able to buy the skin from that menu. The bundle wasn’t in the store and she wasn’t on the MW3 operator menu. Only on MW2 and I guess Warzone.
    I just got her today Nov. 27th. I hope this can help people looking for it, apologies if it doesn’t work out. The way they sell skins is so esoteric and weird.

  12. Was literally just about to purchase and now it’s gone… I literally bought a 2400 CP bundle with the intention to buy this and I log in & it’s gone. SMH

    1. Dang i really wanted this skin. Is there something we could do to bring it back? If we can get all the people we need we can succeed. (Ryhmes)

  13. the developers already confirmed almost* every single operator will transfer over, so ash will as well.

    *i say almost since it’s insanely up the air whether nick and tim will transfer, their bundles claim they will in the menu but it might just be a blanket statement applied to all bundles and when the time comes they get stuck in mwII.

    1. No as long you have the required COD Points you can buy this, you can buy any store bundle without the battlepass.
      Pro means the attachments of the blueprints (guns) in this bundle are specifically tuned by the developers.

  14. I do not why but it seems to me that the large portion of the more fashion oriented skins are being released for Kortac operators.

  15. So a streamer gets their skin removed from the shop for saying something on twitter.
    While a big time celeb like Nicki Minaj who got arrested for illegal gun possession with the intent of using it gets their skin released on the platform without any issues.

    A timeline I would never believe in

    1. said event you’re talking about was also 20 years ago so it doesn’t really affect her/activision’s image these days compared to nick saying something highly political/controversial like a week after his skin was added.

    1. Yo codmwstore people, fix your jankey website. My “reply” comments end up being their own comments half the time.

      1. Just tested it on iOS, Android, Firefox, and Chromium browsers. Seems to be working fine. Maybe you have some plugins that are affecting the functionality? 🤷‍♂️

  16. I think like others think .. they do massive butt/ass whatever.. but nicki her skeleton/skin looks bigger slighly but bigger than others..

  17. I know she has a big booty in real life but damn they gave her a big ass butt on her skin. HaHa

    Overall though bundle kinda sucks. I wish the pink camo on the guns were animated. Just like snoop dogg no animated camos kinda sucks. And her finishing move is blahhh…

    She does look good in 3rd person.