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  1. Late to the party here, but just a fair heads up: It’s still bugged to some extent, in my case, it’s not giving me parts of the bundle that I actually cared about, and despite me immediately reporting this issue to support, over a full week later and they’re still “considering possible solutions”. Cost me 1800 CoD Points (Which I had bought a while back in order to be able to get season passes… I think during Black Ops: Cold War days. The CoD points, I mean, not the witch bundle is what I’m referring to), and I’ve asked for a simple refund, and it was SWIFTLY rejected. Got a copy/paste message back from one member of support that said, in a nutshell, “You have made the purchase, and according to the EULA / Terms of Service agreements, we will not refund any of your purchases for any reason, as it’s our right to refuse.”

    At least another member of support ACTUALLY read what I had said, about the fact that despite multiple hard restarts, rebuilding my PS5 database (I did this via entering safe mode, as I find it the easiest and fastest way), and of course, ensuring that I had the latest and most up to date Hardware, Software, and Firmware (Even though Firmware is not applicable, I still checked and reupdated the controllers after even unregistering them! Firmware* is only really used for Dualsense controllers when they have an update available, and you can bet that I keep all four of mine up to date, I’m quite OCD about it, as well. Anyways, after all that, I again logged back on, and…. nothing. Okay then, let’s go to my account, and restore all of my licenses… all 10-20k(+/-) of them. That took almost as long as it did to rebuild the entire database, lol.

    So, I’m still awaiting for one of the managers(or whomever is in charge of the, “escalated cases”. I mean, for real? I even offered the solution of just a PARTIAL refund of my COD POINTS! They flat out told me, to my face, “I can’t restore any of your CoD points… I’ll have to send this to the upper tier of support, and they will eventually get back to you, just please be very patient…”, and “…It may take a long time for the team to investigate this issue…”.) I’m baffled as to what it is that they need to investigate, but I’m just holding out hope at this point.

    I pray that Activision isn’t like EA, whom literally took my money for some, you guessed it, NHL Points. You could only use those points for one thing, buying NHL Ultimate team (HUT) card packs, and PRAYING that you get even a single decent player for your team… well, they charged me for it, TWICE the charge [of the 100 USD$, if it matters] at that (because I was dumb and thought the first payment just didn’t go through for some odd reason, and tried to buy it again). Never got my points, even after hounding their support lines, emails, opening tickets for cases (which for some reason, after 2-3 days had passed, even on my original report, the ticket/case was automatically closed. I asked them why this had happened (Note: I’m talking about EA Sports for the 200 dollars, not to be confused with Activision/Blizzard. Just rambling a bit, and wanted to clarify), and they told me, no joke, that since I had no proof (even though they can literally see EVERY SINGLE ACTION that we do involving either NHL Coins, or Points. They do this to prevent people from selling their own items, and them missing out on a chance for another payday from more children that they almost singlehandedly have gotten them addicted to gambling. Keep in mind, as well, that you get PACKS of cards, all of them 100% random (unless they’re having a promotion, or event, and will sell for example 1 guaranteed player from x event, or y number of players that have stats that are EQUAL TO or greater than “z”. As all players have their own overall rating (It’s like 25 different stats per player, so their overall ‘value’ is a good indication of how well they will play), they tend to put on really useless stats on random players to boost their new overall score, without them having any noticable improvement… at least 99% of the time. Trust me, I used to spend hundreds of dollars every year since NHL 14, and had bought the game religiously since NHL 09, without missing a single iteration.) ANYWAYS, they basically threatened banning me (which they partially did, they took away my ability to name my team in a passive aggressive way, just to show that they could, and even mentioned taking legal action if I didn’t stop, “harassing them”, even though all I wanted to know was, “Why?”. Anyways, sorry for the long rant, I will keep this post updated when they make their decision, if I remember to…. lol.


  2. Mates the bundle is in the MWII store. If it’s a MWII bundle, always check that game too or ask someone who owns the game to get it for you. Works all the time.

  3. It seems that it doesn’t work when I do that. I’m not sure if they removed it or not. I also looked at MWZ and it wasn’t there either in any way

  4. It’s not about being to “soft” it all boils down to knowing the true meaning behind these things and what they are promoting a lot of people like to stay blinded to the truth but once u actually grow spiritually and build a relationship with Yeshua aka Jesus then you will start to realize the true agenda behind all of this..the music, video games like everything. But that comes with growth like I said and hopefully one day you can see that

  5. Worlds gotten way too soft if people are actually becoming uncomfortable from a witch skin in a video game, get over your self

  6. Ya going way too far with these satanic skins and shit like ya gotta chill. Making it mad uncomfortable for some people to play.

    1. Not everyone follows the same religions. just because you think something is ‘evil’ doesn’t mean it is or that others view it that way. It’s a game, fantasy. don’t try to make other people follow your personal beliefs.

      You don’t like it, you don’t have to get it. let other people enjoy different things

  7. Is it fixed now?..i don’t want to get banned after i spend my hard earned money on some shit..
    Fck you activision..

  8. This bundle still get you perma banned after we buy it? Like the last one you still haven’t said anything about ?