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  1. It’s not about being to “soft” it all boils down to knowing the true meaning behind these things and what they are promoting a lot of people like to stay blinded to the truth but once u actually grow spiritually and build a relationship with Yeshua aka Jesus then you will start to realize the true agenda behind all of this..the music, video games like everything. But that comes with growth like I said and hopefully one day you can see that

  2. Worlds gotten way too soft if people are actually becoming uncomfortable from a witch skin in a video game, get over your self

  3. Ya going way too far with these satanic skins and shit like ya gotta chill. Making it mad uncomfortable for some people to play.

  4. Is it fixed now?..i don’t want to get banned after i spend my hard earned money on some shit..
    Fck you activision..

  5. This bundle still get you perma banned after we buy it? Like the last one you still haven’t said anything about ?