22 thoughts to “Blueprints”

  1. Hello Is it Random What pops up in the Store Because I only see some of the Stuff here not all and when I buy something than something else pops up.

    1. That is correct, when you buy a bundle it will be replaced by another bundle. Currently, it seems to be random which bundle will appear after you buy one.

  2. I was also wondering if there was a schedule to know to buy specific packs. Was looking for the Anime- Breakup

    1. There is not a specific schedule for any bundle to return. However, we do have a timer on the frontpage that shows when the store usually updates.

  3. Hello I bought Scar blueprint named Fireclaw its so unfair if I change barrel or smth else it change look for normal scar instead of fireclaw skin. They are making people fools paying for this sh*t. I wont buy anything in future.

  4. Hi, the tracer green pack disappeared sometime this morning and I was going to buy it. Will it be coming back?

  5. You’re amazing man! Quick question though, is it possible to track the last time a bundle was seen? Similar to Fortnite trackers.

  6. Do you guys know if they bring back blueprints? I wanted to buy the Executive Armory 4 and now it’s gone.

    1. Yes! They do bring them back keep checking here on to see which bundles are up for sale to not miss it again πŸ‘

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