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  1. Hopefully someone can reply but i can speak for most of us COD fans how ridiculous it is that we have to wait for or may never have a answer from you guys if a operator skin or bundle will ever come back. You guys are not doing us any favors by releasing this content we are paying our earned money to keep you guys paid and relevant. Why don’t you guys give the players options to try to purchase these bundles some how or at the very least explain why you take them off or a release date on rotation in case you don’t want to saturate the game with the same stuff. We love the game but that is why so many of us are waiting for other games to be released that will listen to the fans. I joined Warzone late. Stoped playing games for almost a whole decade but friends and family got me back in because of how great the game WAS so i missed out on alot of content ok not your fault but can i ever get a chance to get cool skins and bundles i missed on because you guys will never seem to want to put them on? missed Price, gaz, Farah but always the same old trash skins are on daily that nobody uses come on man! get with fans. i am not saying leave them open for ever but at least rotate monthly or quarterly or something. I am looking forward one day for this AZUR skin as i have seen people use it but i dont think i should wait 6 months for this thing its crazy. You guys i am sure know that you have got reports of the Krueger skin being bugged that you can only use one outfit for him in game but give 0 to try to fix it but players find a way around to find bundles to buy and you shut the pages down. Seriously guys get it together.

  2. How to get this bundle , i have been looking every day in armory and store , i can’t find it

    Why did cod removed it

  3. ay cod store i have really been wanting this bundle pack for several months and when it came back a couple days ago and i went to go buy cod points it was gone the close quarters pack wasnt there can u please if u can tell cod to bring it back cuz a lota people want dis bundle and im willing to spend my cash on it rn . Quick question can i buy dis bundle if its not in da store like is there a way to get it it if its not in da cod store in warzone? Please bring it back to da store 🙏

        1. This is the only bundle you can’t buy or find by searching for the gun blueprints. I think it is because of the quip that they removed was deemed offensive. The finishing moves are dope though.

    1. Go to your armory and look under your shotguns the 725, go all the way to the bottom and look for the gun then click on it and vuala

  4. This needs to come back ASAP! Been waiting forever. Wish they’d make everything available through the app or something.

  5. when is this coming back to the store i really want it the last time it was up for me was may 9 i think that was the last day

  6. Hey man, so today, after the big update, at around 3 or 4 pm, my time I put AZUR as my fav operator, or selected his team as my fav, then I played all of his missions which are like 4, pretty easy. Then, I just played like 3 Warzones matches and today by 10:20 pm, the bundle appeared in my “Just for you” section.

    1. hmm that is quite interesting, so maybe the “Just for You” section is influenced by your favourite operators/guns 🤔

    1. We unfortunately don’t know when skins are coming back but keep an eye out on codmwstore.com to see the store every day