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  1. Ya ponganlo de nuevo, diario veo la misma mierda de lotes que hay, nadie los quiere ya quite los y pongan otros donde esté incluido este, ya aburrieron con lo pinches mismo

  2. So disappointed of this community, the bundles you want isn’t available!! I mean get a life man who ever is in charge of this.

    1. I’ve been waiting such a long time for this bundle. It’s the only KAR98 bundle that the camo covers the scope as wel

        1. I’ve checked every day or two for months waiting for this bundle. Rodion finishing move sucks and I only use rodion 😂

  3. I really want this and the bale winter camo as im trying to unlock all snow outfits for my operators

    1. Bale doesn’t have a snow outfit. I think you’re confusing Golems snow outfit. Bale has a Stone Warrior outfit which is cement gray for urban warfare

  4. Do you know when its coming back? I’ve been wanting that kar98k variant for a while now