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  1. I got this one 3 days ago offered and bought as I still Didn’t unlocked the Bruen. Now I have it unlocked and this blueprint is a wow 😲

    1. I just bought this bundle a few minutes ago (16 June around 23:00). Got on my brothers Xbox to buy it for him, and the pack isn’t in the store for him. I saw it in mine, got on his to buy it, couldn’t find it there, got back on mine and was able to buy it. Do players see different bundles, as with Daily Challenges?

      1. Overall, the bundles available in the store are the same for everyone but there’s a section in the store that’s labelled “just for you” so I’m assuming that’s where you bought it from. I’m also desperate to buy this blueprint waiting patiently for it to become available lol

  2. So here’s the deal. Mk9 Bruen to unlock the gun you have one of the hardest challenges because you have to get 3 kills per match 15 times while the enemy players are near your smoke grenade. So you have to hope while using thermal scope they walk into before it runs out stays in it and kill them 3 times. It doesn’t always track. So they took the blueprint off early on the 24th. I finished the challenge took 3 days because I work plus had my squad play shipment 247 smoking the map out. Now I come back and this blueprint I can’t buy because they put up some other ones that aren’t good. Please a lot of people like me are asking for this back. You took it down too quickly.

    1. Do only shipment use a smoke and every attachment for hipfire and sleight of hand, restock and munitions box help, throw smokes when you spawn and spray everywhere.

      1. I’d also add that using a weapon xp token can help tremendously. I was able to unlock the Bruen pretty much in a day during double xp weekend. Smoke kills are easy af on shipment

    1. It’s a beast on Shipment. I still plan to unlock it. Not like it’ll be hard to get 3 kills near smoke in 15 matches especially on Shipment. The M91 with a thermal scope should do the trick

  3. It’s only through the challenge and I’ve been getting kills and counting it like using smoke and only playing shipment and I’m 3/15 the way there it’s a really hard challenge but just keep playing shipment and you should be good

  4. Does not unlock the gun… not worth anything was advertised as a way to skip multiplayer challenge but instead gives u a single build that is not really warzone ready… oh yea the challenge itself sucks and resets progress IF it even tracks progress in the first place. Support so far has said Tough luck. Would be great if there was a warzone version of the challenge as i typically dont play regular playlists.