8 September 2020 – CoD MW Warzone Item Store

Operators & Identity  The Texan Call of Duty Modern warfare item bundle  

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  1. Why is there no new bundle today ? (Thuesday) and you fuckin idiots won’t bring out that ghost bundle !!! I hate you so much activision!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It’s simple. Stop buying their games if you hate them so much. Relax guy, bundles are just vanity cosmetic items. They aren’t that serious! Try going outside for a change

      1. How do you want me to relax when I get aimbotted by incels on a console???
        I still manage to get first THO

        1. If it makes you angry, why continue to fuel that anger? You are literally angry about a digital vanity cosmetic not being in a digital store. Eventually you’ll stop playing this game and have wasted anger and frustration on a temporary item. So it’s funny to me how angry you are about that bundle not being on sale.