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  1. To anyone looking for this bundle, it is still appearing on the MW multiplayer side. You have to go to armory and check out the Rytec gun, the bundle is there.

    1. I see the skin in armory but It’s not bringing up the bundle for purchase. Do I need to be a serant lv or some thing?

    1. I just got it, you have to go to MW multiplayer and check out the Rytec in armory, the bundle will appear

  2. does somebody knows if I could still get it somehow? unfortunately I had not enough money to purchase it when it was available and now it’s gone from the store… I will appreciate a lot if somebody could help me

    thanks guys

    1. The golem skin is bugged in this bundle.

      When you wear this and walk around or jump, it makes noise. The noise is something like a spandex legging rubbing to each other. People can hear me coming while using this skin since the sound is louder than the footsteps.

      If you got this skin, let a friend confirm it. I am 100% this is the case. However this was not always the case, it happend like 1 month ago.

  3. FIX THE BUG!!!! I bought just for rytec for warzone and explosive rounds do not work!!! First time I ever spend money on the game and this shit happens….

  4. Also an important thing to note that the Rytec AMR is still bugged. The bug that happens is when you equip the blueprint and try to change the rounds ( Explosive or the other one) it doesn’t change the rounds at all.

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  6. Oh yeah! The operator blows smoke and the sniper rifle not only has dismemberment effect, but also smoke comes out of the bullet hole 🕳 💨
    Vehicles also leave a trail of smoke

        1. I’ve checked it several times and no smoke comes out of it and the hands don’t “spin” around. I think the smoke only comes out at 4:20 like the description of the watch says

          1. It is supposed to do it all the time. Try to check the watch with the two different gestures that are available for checking the watch.