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  1. Yes, battle net says that when you buy Classic Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 2009 remastered you will immediately receive Classic Ghost underwater skin

  2. for those wondering if u go to the store and go to codpoint then go all the way to the bottom there is one just like it with the MW2 snow mission skin.

  3. Does this stuff rotate in and out and if so WHY, If I bought it the game would have to hold the Data for it so why not just keep it in Game… Every time I don’t have the money it’s in and when I do it disappears… It’s REALLY Starting to PISS ME OFF!!!

  4. if you cant find this go for udt ghost
    u can unlock it by buying mw2 remastered campaign\
    its very black n cool

      1. Yes, battle net says that when you buy Classic Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 2009 remastered you will immediately receive Classic Ghost underwater skin

    1. I saw it there the other day but I got Beyond The Pale instead, ghillie Ghost is sick but I can’t help but feel like I missed out on a classic because now it’s just gone. I’ve been kinda malding over it ever since.

  5. i love how none even knows who Ghost is but they all want him just because they think he is “cOoL” Most ppl have never played mw2 and seen my boi ghost in action

    1. Good thing you are soo edgy and you are like no one, you are a true individual… you are so cool! I hope we can all see your boi ghost in action!

  6. Last time, a month ago I was like: meh I don’t need this one. Now as it came back in the store I was more like: need it…. immediately…. on sight I bought it 😂

      1. I think I have also lol but I don’t mind. It makes me happy playing as these cool looking skins for all these operators.

    1. It’s possible they bought some bundles that are now in the store and this (ghost pack) took it’s place. If it’s in their “Just for you” section, then yeah they were just lucky.

  7. I have begged IW and Activision to bring back season 2 ghost – Jawbone, Dark Vision etc. FOR THOSE OF US THAT MISSED SEASON 2…

    So sad how they don’t even bother. Makes no sense, at least allow us to unlock the damn thing someway

    1. Why do you think there not releasing it? ITS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO GOT IT IN SEASON 2. And season 2 had so many people hyped up for war zone and it was at its highest if you didn’t get the Battle pass in season 2 that’s you’re problem not iw.

      1. Why don’t you learn to speak English in a correct manner before hating? “Your” is not “You are”, “there” is not “there are” “Its” is not “it is”

        1. how is he hating, all he is saying is fax mayyne. You sir, should stop breathing down people’s necks about their grammar

        2. No, more people should bring attention to the rampant incorrect grammar. No will care about your opinion if you don’t take enough pride to speak correctly.

          1. Btw “Anon” above you said people should bring attention to other people’s grammar? Well you said “no will care” pretty sure you meant noone… Idiot.

      2. You are very ignorant, so I’ll just ignore you! It really is not your business what I ask IW for! If you are not from IW or don’t have anything nice to say, then go eat shit!

        Go learn how to type first. Then come back and talk…

  8. i love this skin aesthetic-wise more than the UDT but the fact that a lot of people will be rocking this just puts me off.. :/

    1. Yes, so far bundles have returned to the store. However you will have to wait till it’s back in the rotation (which can take a while).