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  1. When is it going to come back i want that skin but i don’t have the mony for it and it makas me sad

  2. finally met the player. lmao that was fun seeing Weeb Mara skin being used by a player “MaraWithCatEars”…

    it’s literally a “NOTICE ME SENPAI!” moment…

  3. wanna hear a little joke?

    play warzone or plunder and you might meet a player named MaraWithCatEars. oh it gets better. that player also has this skin equipped.

  4. Can these idiots ever add a Nicki Minaj Black Female with fine ass long hair and a fat ass with nice tits instead of these stupid lame weebs that is nothing new? FFS. All the non Poc girls got basic outfits while all the white bitches got 10 legendary outfits with their tits and ass out.

    1. Can these idiots stop being so horny? FFS. Can’t they see that these weeb bundles are highly profitable since a large portion of their fanbase buys them the moment they release? Besides, it’s first-person. I can’t even see these “legendary tits and asses”

    2. How do we know this persons horny?
      Why do ‘horny idiots’ get insulted?
      If it wasn’t for ‘horny idiots’, would most of us be here?
      When you enjoy the sight of kill moves, head shots and dismemberment are you a bloodthirsty maniac?
      Why is this page so edgy?

    3. How do we know they are Horny?
      Why are these ‘horny idiots’ always being Attacked?
      If it wasn’t for ‘horny idiots’, would most of us be Here?
      Are people that enjoy the sight of kill moves, head shots and dismemberment bloodthirsty Maniacs?
      Why is this page so Edgy?

  5. Finally!! I got this just to play as Mara. Not really a huge fan of the anime stuff. Her in game voice clips are accurately Venezuelan

    1. You needed any bundle to unlock the character?
      I unlocked her back in season 3 when they had her death bringer skin as an unlockable in the battle pass

      1. It wont. Season 2 ghost is only unlockable through the battlepass. Though, I heard that they’re selling certain items from the season 1 battlepass through bundles, so maybe next season, we’ll see season 2 ghost in the item shop

        1. I’ve play COD since the old PlayStation days. I never had any interest in search and destroy mode. Therefore I don’t care about your ninja reference other than it’s a stupid way to describe a way you play a game mode. Hence why I said I’m a samurai. If you can use ninja then I can describe my gameplay as samurai.

      1. that other guy exposed you already, so ill skip that
        & how is it perversion for a character to have physics applied to express the softness that is the body? she isn’t a titan of iron

        1. You’re not a woman, therefore you don’t know what it’s like to have our anatomy gawked at by perverts trying to hide their perverted thoughts and intentions through any explanation like the ones you are all using. I’m glad the female operators here aren’t overly sexualized for the amusement of perverts.

          1. stop talking rubbish plz
            you are probably the only one even seeing it in such a way, and are probably ‘sexualizing’ practically everything yourself.
            Bet you dont mind yegor being topless & such
            Mara (and the other females, its just more painfully obvious with her) not having soft body physics applied looks so unnatural since her chest is free from any chest harness(which could at least be an excuse), and anytime she moves or is slammed against the floor its like she has boulders for breasts since her body is made of stone or something.
            how irritating would it be if running had no sense of momentum or if their movements were sharp like robots?
            Or there were long coats that had no physics applied? Proper irritating

            stop putting out your thoughts and rubbing them on other people just so you can try and insult them like its 1000% undeniable truth when its probably just you thinking it

          2. As I said.
            I am glad the “physics” for the female anatomy doesn’t cater to perverts with excuses like yourself. Cry about all you want.

          3. hi, I’m the same guy that tried to make jokes saying “he meant hair physics” n’shit. IW (and most game developers for that matter) has implemented collision physics to their game to help characters feel as if they belong in that scene. There are tons of examples of collision physics in their game. Yegor’s tracksuit billowing in the wind as the helicopter lands before the game starts, Velikan’s armor bouncing as he drops down from second-story windows, and even guns flinging off the character’s hands when they are killed. There are WAY more physical collisions shown in the campaign but we’re more concerned about the multiplayer mode right? It’s become some sort of a forbidden, dark magic to add breast physics in video games unless the game is literally made to make guys horny. As the woman above me said, “…you don’t know what it’s like to have our anatomy gawked at by perverts…”. Most game developers want positive recognition. By adding breast physics into their game, they lose exactly just that. It is a fact that there are female gamers that get disgusted when in-game characters are “over-sexualized”, so that is probably the sole reason for why IW didn’t include breast physics into their game. Another guy states, “you are probably the only one even seeing it in such a way…”. If it really was just her and her friends, jiggle physics wouldn’t be the so-called forbidden dark magic. I get it, being horny is cool, but these game companies need positive reputations to continue having a large fanbase. If you really want jiggle physics, try playing a game called “hentai nazi”

          4. Seeing something natural like breast physics as something negative is ridiculous, especially in a game that focuses on realism & in the current day
            Literally made to make males horny(as if all males are attracted to females and all females are attracted to males)? Soul calibur, GTA V, Nier, MGS4 are made to make males horny? Whats it got to do with that in the first place anyway? & What do you think of topless males rampant in games? Dismemberment is fine; getting blown up or shot at will tear the skin, but to express the natural softness of the body is a sin? Are they hard clay models? because it looks like it

            Rather than being disgusted at the games, i think they should look at themselves instead, and literally, if they are female

          5. omfg, you probably never talked to girls your entire life. You even missed my entire point. It’s honestly embarrassing how I need to simplify my argument for your 5 braincells, but here it is. IW didn’t put in breast physics into their game because it’s semi-controversial. Sure you can add words behind it, calling it “realistic” and “in today’s digital age” but it doesn’t cover up the fact that there are people who believe that it objectifies women. I get it, you’re are defensive of what you love, regardless of the form. All fans are like that. It’s just that there are people who don’t embrace breast physics the same as you. There’s an article online where Yohei Shimbori, the previous director of DoA 6, states that he will reduce the “fan service” in the newest installment of the Dead of Alive series. One reason for this is because of, quote, “current world trends”. He – and many other game developers for that matter – have witnessed a growing global trend in which the targeted audiences are veering away from over-sexualized games, which leads to less sales for those games. Admittedly, I am using a notoriously over-sexualized video game franchise as my reasoning, but DoA’s new approach to their series marks a drastic change to the overall game market. To put it bluntly, “if the infamous indecent video game series is making it less indecent, there must be a good reason for it”.
            It doesn’t take a gender studies major to draw a link between this kind of representation and the harmful effects it has on real living women

          6. The issue is such a nonsense thought process
            Whats next, going to censor feet because people have foot fetishes? Dont make me laugh
            Where are all the tears that breast physics are in the games I mentioned above?
            Keep catering to such a nonsense crowd and there will be nothing left
            What goes on in ones head when a female goes for a jog? oh no im being objectified by nature!
            And would you like to provide evidence for all these figures and facts you keep stating and pulling up? just as nonsense as what you are saying

          7. and do you want to know something even funnier?
            The animated emblem in this very page is animated with breast physics.
            is anybody crying?

          8. Everyone in this thread writing long ass messages. You’re wasting your time! No one is going to read all that! Some may start reading it but it’s so tiresome and a chore to read long ass messages so keep them short

          9. I think we should just call this one a tie since you’re so passionate about jiggle physics in a game where I can’t even see my own shoulders, and I’m too ashamed of myself for arguing about jiggle physics in the first place. To answer your statement about fetishes in video games, it depends on the fanbase. Overwatch once had a tough time since a surprisingly large percent their fanbase was mysteriously into feet.

          10. It doesn’t take someone with a gender studies degree to do anything really. It’s a literal grievance study with no purpose. Imagine going to college or university and potentially taking on lots of debt just to listen to someone with blue hair explain why men bad.

          11. If you let me tell my thoughts about I’m gonna say: Mara’s costumes are kind a fan service type of costume and by that side i can understand the whining about the physics, but, god, Mara’s outfits after the first season are started sliding down the hill…
            Don’t misunderstand, it’s ok some people like these kind of skins, but…
            BUT this game is really good in realism. So yeah we need realistic chest…. carriers and vests GOD.
            This game has ten times more serious atmosphere then this Nyaa stuff. Yeah it’s colorful and nice and all, but god, this is getting in the direction of rainbow six siege skins… I think these kind of outfits destroying the whole atmosphere of the game. We’re jumping out in a war torn town as soldiers, not nyaa girls. I’m sure that you have realized but only operator with such skins is Mara, even in season 2 (season 2) The costume for mara was far from the military kind of stuffs. Breasts out, a top and all. All different woman op in the game have much better skins which fits into the universe of Call of duty. Call of duty was never a game of colorful lollipops. The problem with this costume is not physics it’s that it has been created at all. Seriously tell me if I’m wrong, but god, chopper gunner is dropping the bullet shells on my head while tearing bodies appart and a happy cat mara is running around between half destroyed buildings to avoid the gunner? Pfff.
            Women really like stone golems in the game but this is not because of the physics. So this argument cannot be decided on one side, because: in a war you don’t go without equipment only in a top without bra (mara costume looks so but i don’t remember exactly)
            At least if somebody has that size of breast minimum should use some kind of sport bra or tactical bra or something like that (if exists such but i hope you got what i mean..) so breast not hanging and jumping because that’s hurtful and not comfortable or if it’s only a top on the woman then yeah make it not to look like a stone.
            Great example:

            —>Roze doesn’t look like stone cause she has a tactical gear, and clothes.
            Looks like a piece of stone, because using casual wear without any gear.
            (skip the first season’s costumes those were good outfits)

            A CIA agent from the chemical division…

            With cat ears…


          12. you’re mad that the tits don’t bounce and because it isn’t realistic. I’m happy because I get to use the skin. IW is happy because they just got more money. MW is in it’s final stage of life, LOTS of outrageous skins are gonna pop out, just like this. Cold war’s probably gonna have the same things, but much worse since treyarch is known for making childish skins. The game was already off of the right path from the start anyways.

            brick execution, dog execution, crow execution, tracers, unrealistic killstreaks (i.e. juggernaut, gunship, white phosphorous, etc), rare guns that real officers have never even seen before. Thermites going through riot shields, odd looking blueprints, weed-based skins, black face paint that doesn’t cover the entire face (IW didn’t want blackface), and much much more.

          13. i swear no matter what is said sometimes, certain people will refuse to accept anything other than what they drown themselves to believe in

          14. Stop writing long ass messages. No one has time to read those. Keep it short and to the point. We don’t need to read a chapter about your thoughts. You’re not that important.

          15. She’s only upset because she’s the dozens of girls with insecurity issues about their body and choose to get angry about fictional characters looking hotter than them.

            Difference between men and women; guys will look at a skin like Ragnarok for Minotaur and be like “hey that guy looks like a badass!”

            Women will look at Mara’s death dealer skin or this one and be like “this game is oversexualizing women! Men should stop finding the female anatomy so attractive!”.

            There are many female players that don’t mind these skins and actually like looking sexy in video games. Take a look at the female players having issues with mortal kombat 11 censorship and hell there’s even girls looking forward to that indie game League of Maidens on Youtube clips. If you wanna get even deeper in the water there’s girls that play skyrim and add sex mods to the game (such as Osex) asking for help in forums and posts for installation on nexus mods.

            It’s just this other side of the spectrum where some girls will start crying and labelling themselves as “feminist” when really they’re just people with serious self-esteem issues regarding their own appearance and then decide to blame men and think the rest of the video game world should be toned down to make them happy.

          16. And your an expert on how we women think and feel are you? Sit down and stop projecting “perverts and insecure people should get along”. I love my body and how it looks and so does my husband. I’m sick of oversexualization because of the history of misogyny towards women not being treated equal. It all starts with how men think, look and treat women. I am focusing on the look part in any media, to push for change.

          17. You’re being ignorant if you talk about “Oversexualization of women”. First of all I never said I was an mind-reading expert on this so way to jump to conclusions. I just go by the facts and see many women that are okay with girls showing a little skin and the ones that generally aren’t clearly have some.issues with insecurity.

            You don’t speak for the majority of women I see that get butthurt over things like magazines, video games and movie portrayals. Hell I just watched an old film called “Super Size Me” where a woman named Caitlyn talks about how attractive women in magazines “make her look and feel like crap” it’s that same negative mentality that’s not just projected towards magazines but all forms of media’ except instead of crying about it nowadays, hyper-feminists think all forms of art should change everything around to fit their world-view while having a double standard concerning men portrayal.

            If you’re comfortable with yourself then that’s fine however you still prove to me how hypocritical you are by giving a nod to attractive guys showing skin and women that should be covered. If your reasons are because of “a history of misogyny” then take a look at all the woman who are okay to this day with wearing tank tops and denim shorts or cosplayers like Alex Zedra that are okay with dressing up in cat ears for their work. Should they be covered simply because they’re proud of their image? Because that’s one of the inspirations that lead to these these types of DLC outfits in the first place.

            Maybe you should sit down and stop talking because the world is filled with enough hypocrisy as it is and people like you shouldn’t be adding fuel to the fire.

          18. To the person who complains that these messages are too long, shut the fuck up. Just because your attention span lasts for three seconds doesn’t mean that we all should take pity on you and lower the playing field just for you.

          19. I’m not asking for equal playing field. Just the fact that the long messages are boring stories that no one is reading or answering. So save time by keeping them short and to the point. My attention span is fine, I read them and find them filled with mostly dribble. Shorter messages cut away that fat and have more meaning. If you’re too sensitive to take constructive criticism, and this pisses you off. Piss off you child.

          20. Like the previous guy said, if you have low attention span why are you still here? You’re not a moderator, you don’t speak for anyone and clearly no one cares about your problem to read long messages hence the reason why you’re still on this page repeating yourself.

            The fact that messages longer than a few sentences bothers you enough to keep staying here giving the same answer instead of moving on is pretty pathetic. Then you have the audacity to say “I don’t have time”.

      1. Nah bruh. That’s a negative misogynistic point of view. Took a women’s studies class in college and the over sexualization that she’s complaining about is connected to how women have been treated less fairly for decades by men that “think” they know why women complain. Some women want to change the focus of their bodies to their actually merit in society. While others do embrace their sexuality openly. Both should be accepted by society. One of these is called feminist and the others are called sluts by society when they don’t agree with their point of view.

        1. “The focus of their bodies to their actual merit in society”, that would make sense if it was for an entirely new game like Horizon Front Dawn and others where the personality and story drive a character’s motives. But this is a skin, purely physical, cosmetic looks on a character and there’s nothing wrong with making them attractive like the way some women in society are. Maybe you should understand the underlying factors that warrant why attraction is big thing for DLC skins instead of a basic response like “bawwww perverts only like these skins!”.

          What makes an attractive person physically? Could be genetics but mainly the amount of dedication to their goals; the mental fixation they put into living a fit, healthy lifestyle it’s a commendable feat for women. It leads to an appealing and attractive final result from a physical stand point.

          It’s the imitation of that work that makes a DLC skin that replicates an attractive body much more desirable for men and women to purchase then if there was a fat Mara skin.

          The same cold shoulder goes for fat guys too, how many people absolutely hated fat guys like Rufus in Street Fighter IV that were treated like a joke? There are many more fat guys that are given the same perspective. Appeal in video game characters has always been majorly generated through their physical attractiveness for BOTH genders not just guys jizzing their pants over women in video games.

          1. Everyone posting these long ass scripts messages. Your wasting your time. No one has the time or energy to read long rants about boring topics. Keep em short and to the point! There’s no need to add a story to your opinions.

  6. I just want the ghost bundle “bejond the pale” !!!
    I’m so fuckin angry about this ! I hate you soo much !!! I’ve been waiting so long and every fuckin thuesday and friday i hope this will come and you assholes won’t bring it out !!!! Well… fuck you very much

    1. I was wondering when the ghost “beyond pale” bundle crybaby’s where going to come on here and cry 🤣 It’ll come out soon, go do something with your life so that a simple vanity digital item doesn’t get your panties in a twist so easily

  7. If i buy this bundle can i get the original Mara character skin too? I know usually you get it with another characters, but Mara is a season pass character thats why im not sure.

  8. I’ve been waiting for this for soooo long, but idc anymore tbh, the emblem and calling card are ugly, so i’m gonna get notice me iv instead

    1. They are going to release two season 1 vault Mara bundles from her season one skins. So you’ll have to buy those separately