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  1. We all told him! but all the crayons 🖍 he eats prevented him from seeing the truth. Even though it was in the description, plain and simple and in English! That guy is still licking windows and eating boogers. I’m glad his stupidity is out in the open for all to see. He really believed the rounds turned people into skeletons 😂 😂 man that is a special kind of retarded

    1. agree, discussions and in some cases arguing is fine but don’t harass others. Just cleaned the comments up a bit and continued harassers will be banned. I want a positive community on here that helps each other that can share their opinions on weapons/bundles and other stuff, not one that flames each other into the ground.

  2. I got the shadow realm blueprint but I can’t seem to be able to use it or I just being stupid with it but I go to my gun in my armory the only one that appears is my cerulean does anybody know what I need to do or what I’m doing wrong

    1. The gun gives you the blueprints (and the tracers) for the Cr-56 and the mp5. The kilo isn’t included in this bundle. If you select the mp5 and/or the cr-96 and look for the blueprints, you should see them

  3. I just need the new ghost bundle sooo bad !!! I’ve been waiting for this for four fucking weeks!!!
    When you fuckin idiots let us get this one ! Don’t need the other bullshit here !!!! God dammit !!

    1. Been waiting for the Mara anime one that was leaked June 30th, and still waiting. Stop whining and learn to have patience, whining makes you look like an idiot.

    2. I’ve been waiting for Mara Kawaii Cat bundle to come out in store, it was announced on June 30th and until now it’s not on the store, so stop complaining. Patience.

  4. I WAS going to buy this, but I heard that there’s another bundle with skeleton-dismemberment, which turns dead bodies into skeletons. I guess imma pass on this one

      1. It was added in the most recent little update, so it‘ll be quite awhile. The Shadow Tracers were added when Season V first came out and they‘re just now in the shop.

    1. It’s just red tracers with dismemberment. Nothing gets turned into “skeletons” it does the same thing that the weapons in Nikito’s 2nd bundle do.

      1. the bundle’s called “tracer pack: skeletonized”. If it doesn’t have skeleton-dismemberment, it doesn’t deserve that name.

          1. using the process of elimination, we know that a red tracer bundle isn’t something new. In fact, red tracers first came in a bundle called “tracer pack:red”. If it really was just a red tracer pack, why would they call it “tracer pack: skeletonized”? IW could have just called it “tracer pack: red super”. Why “super”? because they made another pink tracers bundle and called it “tracer pack anime super”. The trend here is that the color of the tracers comes in the bundle name, and if the color was already released before, they add the word “super” behind it. Another way I can prove this to you is from the bundle description. A portion of it reads, “Leave nothing behind but bones”. Kinda feels like the bundle has a skeleton dismemberment effect, doesn’t it? This isn’t JUST a dismemberment effect mind you, but rather something special like the cryodismemberment and the gold dismemberment. IW recently made it so that the advertising picture and the gun icon says the special dismemberment effect on it, which could be the reason it is not labelled in the description, when the gun actually appears in the shop, the gun icon would say something like “+red tracers, +skeleton dismemberment”. My guess is about as right as yours as of now, so maybe you should come up with a better argument than just “uSe yOuR bRaIn mAn”

        1. It’s called “Tracer Pack: Skeletonized” because of the Skeletonized design on the M4 itself. Similar to what F1 Firearms does with their AR’s.

          1. Yes thank you! I’ve been trying to get that stubborn noob to understand. That’s why I can’t wait for it to come out so I can see what he/she says about it then 😆 I have the “Told you!” In all caps ready.

    2. 🤣 🤣 it came out and guess what? IT DOESNT TURN PEOPLE INTO SKELETONS!! I TOLD YOU!! All you had to do was read the description. Everyone except you came to the same conclusion. We tried to tell your stubborn ass. Now look at you, looking stupid af.

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        1. Binary? 🤣 you’re too scared to use words nerd! What’s next? Morse code?! Let me spell it out for you: Y O U – I D I O T – Y O U – T H O U G H T
          T H E – B L U E P R I N T- T U R N E D ☠️💀☠️ P E O P LE – I N TO – S K E L E T O N S?! 🤣 🤣