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  1. Hey! I been trying to find that price of death calling card but was wondering if by any chance it’s a part of this bundle? And if not then what other bundles it is a part of?

    1. No, got the bundle myself recently, store bundle availability comes and goes. Check the operator page/gunsmith/store at different times.

  2. This bundle is amazing. The kastov 762 does insane damage the vaznev-9k is ok but the operator skin is perfect for hiding.

  3. Car companies?..what a reach..lol
    You tried sir…
    Go ahead and take your cape off..
    Listen my point being, creativity is absent in the design..this bundle is mid,recycled trash..
    If it’s your treasure than….
    Enjoy Captain Obvious

    1. A reach? Ok then, how about literally every company putting their name or logo on their products?

      Only “reach” here is everything other than the somewhat valid point about creativity being absent, so go ahead and put your straight jacket back on, Captain Retard.