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  1. Bruh hopefully they don’t release weekly would hate to wait a week just to see starlight in the store then have to wait 4 more weeks more homelands and noir

  2. Bruh come on Call of duty I have been waiting for so long stop doing this release 1 a day or 1 a week bullshit give them to us now so dumb we should not have to wait for them at all it should of dropped all of them the day the season premiered

    1. Anyone see him it is July 14 1:10pm for me can anyone else in a different time zone see him in the store?

  3. All the bundles of the boys are coming back in 1/2 weeks since season 4 is releasing on 13 June! get ready!

  4. I think if you own mw2 you can go on that and buy black noir and use him in Warzone and mw3 I’m sure you can though so maybe do your research before coz it cost about £20 to buy

  5. damnn im so glad i bought this sht when it came out lmaoooo. Had to come back to look at the comments lmaoo ive been there. l0000l i was one of the people waiting also

  6. How do I buy this, plz I really want this skin I just started a few weeks ago and want this my name is Brosbro9

  7. Can you please give me this I’ve been wanting this for my whole life. I will do anything to do but I don’t have enough money. Can you guys just send me it for free please I’ve been wanting it so bad

    1. Not anytime soon lol the collab was for the new season of The Boys coming up.. So will be a long ass time

  8. Go to finishers and look until you see black noirs.. and it should give you an option to view it and buy it

    1. Only operator that doesnt make sounds
      All black
      Nice blueprint, tracers, and death effect
      Many things for the price
      Noir in the series is fucking comical even though he doesnt speak

  9. someone said to me theres a way to get old bundles? is this true. He said about going through the armory and getting camos?

    1. before it worked, but not this one 🙁
      but you can still find some non listed skins by going thru the weapon camos.

  10. In the MW2 The Boys event last year, they released Starlight on a Wednesday, Homelander on Sunday and Noir on Thursday in that order. This time has been the same, Wednesday it was Starlight and Sunday Homelander, so it should be today. If not, they probably won’t re release him.

    1. Nahh they Fucking around with us..
      I kno ppl complained about that he a to dark figure to see in some maps! So they might not add him in the game at all nomore!
      MFing LameTrain..

  11. They honestly pissing me off like what the fuck why they playing with our feelings like that we don’t give a shit about the other peeps 🤷🏻‍♀️ we just want black daddy noir 🖤

  12. its already released at some locations. My buddy on a EU account in Germany already sees the bundle in his store tab. I am using a US account while being in Germany and cant see it yet.

    1. Exactly brother. Its a known strategy, they saw the hype surrounding black noir. Now they push every other skin that isnt him, and stretch the time for as long as “the boys” licensing lasts in hope for we succumb to our wants because we humans are like this. They do some hard psyhology games on us just go get all of our money

      Ohh, also ALL this meanwhile they have the same bugs since launch

      Just imagine what they earn daily. Releasing some shit That some kid wil get 100% while he waits for the thing he wants. Parents nowadays arent even parenting no more, they just buy microtransactions for their kids cause its cheaper than toys and gets the annoying gen alpha to shut up


    1. Gigidy ass zumass dirty stank ass they rly tryna squeeze as much from us as possible I bet they release firecracker next and noir at like end of week if we are lucky I aint give them a penny until by dawg Noir is right it my shop‼️‼️‼️

  13. The store updates in an hour and a half, so if he’s not in the store by then it’ll probably be tomorrow or thursday

  14. To, COD Community

    Now, as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 details its first mid-season Reloaded update, The Boys is confirmed to make its return with a new limited time mode and event. Joining Homelander, Starlight, and Black Noir in Call of Duty is A-Train and Firecracker, both as part of new operator bundles. Both bundles will include two weapon blueprints in A-Train’s “Fast AF” SMG and “Turbocharged” assault rifle, and Firecracker’s “Fellow Patriot” LMG and “Smoking Gun” assault rifle, among other smaller items. Additionally, the Homelander, Starlight, and Black Noir bundles will all return to Call of Duty’s in-game store.

    Sincerely, Developers

  15. They have now dropped the boys operator every other day (thursday and saturday) so today might be either atrain or noir, atrain will give extra xp to the event starting in few days so i think they will release it when the event starts or at least before so people can buy it for the extra xp

  16. İ have a feeling they didnt release all bundles as they were fixing bugs so theres a small chance they release him back to back.

  17. Since Homelander is now available in the shop Black Noir is also coming very soon (since they probably want to have them all available within the Boys Event)
    Ill guess Noir comes out tomorrow or at the start of next week.

  18. Nah if they wait till 25 January to release black noir I’m fucking uninstalling
    The state of the game is terrible
    The least they can do is drop the damn skins and make me spend some more money before they make it even more unplayable. Go ahead and scam me
    But don’t scam and annoy me wtf?

  19. These are the supposed release dates for all the boys operators.

    Starlight – January 17
    Homelander – January 21
    Black noir – January 25
    Firecracker – January 29
    A-train – February 2

    These sources came from a trusted data miner in the COD community.

  20. He’s probably gonna be in shop and some point, since Starlight also is available again.
    I think we’ll get Homelander next and after that Black Noir is about to return

  21. Cant be fucking serious and keep starlight in the shop for 3 whole days and still no other the boys stuff. There are 4 more bundles waiting, but what the fuck are they waiting for

    1. bro tell me about it ts makes no sense n there’s only limited days left on the event i doubt they will drop all of the boys skins before the event ends

  22. Homelander didnt release today (january 18th) even though it was supposed to. İ dont know when its coming , i want black noir but they should be fixing the bugs in game after bundles release.

    1. They are probobly releasing like they did last year, with starlight first followed by noir then homelander. I took the chance and grabbed starlight since i already have homelander

    1. It will come back, they are being released in the same order as the MW2 event so we could expect Noir maybe next Thursday

  23. I mean Starlight’s back
    i guess Homelander will be too tomorrow and Black Noir will be available on the third day

    1. Smart. I log in today, hoping to buy Black Noir (Some may want Homelander) and what do I see? A generic Matrix-y bundle with a new gun with Matrix code and sick loading screen. Hard to not want that, especially with B.N. not yet present. Good marketing decision imho…

  24. It will be gone tomorrow 18 december 2023. Last day to get him, guys. (we can see the expiration date on warzone mobile)