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  1. Hey Activision you guys suck, bring this darn bundle back before someone goes ballistic from lack of Saw

  2. Moment of truth. We’ll see if the bundle comes out on Thursday as the saw movie comes out that day…FINGERS CROSSED

  3. Would be sweet if they brought back the saw bundle for the new upcoming movie inspired by the saw series.

  4. I remember I last saw (no pun intended) the bundle being available around early March or sometime in February.. I check the store everyday hoping to find it but nope just the shadow realm blueprint for the amax

    1. That’s false last time it was in the store was dec 16th after they combined with Cold War it has no return in the store.

  5. I think it could come back soon cause the new Saw movie comes out in May. So if you’re waiting I would just wait until then

  6. bro all im asking is for one bizon tracer the amax already has one plus the model i has inceneary rounds so do u really need to have both

    1. I’m pretty sure that it will continue to rotate, because if you go to the operators tab and then to Morte it is still there. I don’t think anybody knows how much longer it will be available though, so I would get it ASAP.