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  1. I think there is a major issue here y’all are going gaga over a skin and getting made for no reason because y’all be taking bait from trolls. Wether this skin is or not coming back us old time gamers are laughing at you because we don’t need a skin to feel happy to play a game all we need is the game itself. Y’all wouldn’t last a minute playing Far Cry 3 without a precious skin or character customization.

  2. Listen dude that’s a crock of pure shit it’s coming back to mod ware fare and theirs nothing you can do to stop that my friend don’t be misleading people like this they already are releasing it for cod mobile so they already have the damn rights to it dumb ass and I’m really really sorry for my French but what you said is retarded to many people have raised hell over this cause the simple fact that it never said a limited time only on it for one that’s why they will have to release it again hey buddy you can’t be right all the time huh!!!!

    1. Yeah it said limited time back last year which i assume is limited in the sense of being only purchasable during halloweens

  3. True, also apparently the saw bundle is coming to cod mobile so it would make sense for it to re-release on pc again as they would need the rights anyway to put it on mobile.

  4. you do realise it may come back.. the fact that they just re realised rambo proves that limited time bundles can re release. the chance of them re releasing is high due to the fact i doubt the companys who own these franchises would refuse more publicity in a game again

  5. It’s 100% not coming back. They would have to purchase the licensing rights AGAIN if they wanted to sell this bundle, which they’re definitely not going to do. The owners of the SAW/Texas Chainsaw Massacre IP would not just let them sell the bundles and profit $20 per purchase, they’d want their cut by selling the licensing rights again. You already know activision isn’t going to do that. Stop getting your hopes up people.

  6. I was originally pretty salty when they pulled this from the store, but now that the Ghostface bundle has been fully leaked I’ll for sure be picking that bundle up this season. Apart from that, Season 6 is (in my opinion) looking to be much better than MW19’s Season 6.

  7. It’s common sense that it’s not coming back. It’s a franchised skin and Activions rights to the skin prob expired by now. Plus it’s a popular tracer pack, there’s no reason for them to not put the skin in the store or armory for a whole year if they can make a lot of money off of it. With Cold War out they will not bring it back for Halloween as they will push people to buy the exclusive skins for this year as they bought rights for them for a limited time. They’ve also deleted the saw bundle and tcm bundle completely from the store and these r the only two bundles they did that to so the rights prob expired

  8. There has been no conformation that’s it’s not returning the only conformation was ghost face so time will tell I guess.

  9. Guys it’s not coming back it’s already confirmed, this Halloween will be ghost face and Donnie darko. Ghost face is confirmed but not sure about Donnie darko

  10. Anyone want to gift me this I will either pay you or trade some Cold War bundles for it. I have a ton of CW bundles. All the best ones. Dm me on Twitter @Scottalmeida6

  11. I really hate checking the store everyday for this, but I can’t stop. Really hope it comes back at halloween. Also excited for the ghost face bundle!

  12. Can anybody get me this skin Activision ID
    U#1413176 if somebody can gift me this i will transfer you money i would appreciate it so much

  13. Anyway you could maybe be willing to gift? I’d be more than willing to send you any bundle I have back, and have a good few

  14. Guys it has been confirmed to come back Halloween with leatherface. Just wait a lot of people will have it. I have it and still don’t use it.

    1. i can gift it for anyone who thay want but just with 10$ psn gift card and i gift first after that you have to give me the gift card

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  16. If there’s anybody who can gift me this bundle I’d compensate you and pay you 10$ it’s for my birthday

  17. Yo 2 out of 3 Halloween bundles have been shown in store already! I bet my Diamond Pump shotgun Saw bundle is next one to come out in Monday I swear….Math never lies boys

  18. Someone needs to get in contact with whoever is in charge of the store because it’s like the same shit all week, the saw truck paint job is in Vehicle customization too but can’t even access it! They need to add it now

  19. Why when Spiral: From The Book of Saw movie be out this pack not be in the store, it really needs to be.

  20. Yeah started bringing back some guns plans after a lot of these guns bundles were gone from armory, so I believe it should be coming back, hopefully soon because of new saw movie too

  21. Can’t help but notice that this skin isn’t back. Almost as if they deleted the store page and never intended for it to return. 🤔

  22. Since it’s been taken out of the store completely can y’all just add the amax blueprint separate in the store?

    1. You also said Spiral was coming out may 21st when it came out the 14th, so I’ll take your word for it. 😛

    2. They deleted the Tower Kar98 skin too but that’s in the store right now, so it will rotate in at some point just wish real soon

  23. I wish they would just put it back into the store or yet allow people to buy it off the cod app if you search for it, I’ve had like 2600 cod points for it since December and haven’t seen it since. Definitely sucks it’s the only skin I’ve been wanting. Bring it back!

  24. If it’s going to be released again it will be next week. The new movie releases on the 21st, which is Friday.

  25. Hey Activision you guys suck, bring this darn bundle back before someone goes ballistic from lack of Saw

  26. Moment of truth. We’ll see if the bundle comes out on Thursday as the saw movie comes out that day…FINGERS CROSSED

  27. Would be sweet if they brought back the saw bundle for the new upcoming movie inspired by the saw series.

  28. I remember I last saw (no pun intended) the bundle being available around early March or sometime in February.. I check the store everyday hoping to find it but nope just the shadow realm blueprint for the amax

    1. That’s false last time it was in the store was dec 16th after they combined with Cold War it has no return in the store.

  29. I think it could come back soon cause the new Saw movie comes out in May. So if you’re waiting I would just wait until then

  30. bro all im asking is for one bizon tracer the amax already has one plus the model i has inceneary rounds so do u really need to have both

    1. I’m pretty sure that it will continue to rotate, because if you go to the operators tab and then to Morte it is still there. I don’t think anybody knows how much longer it will be available though, so I would get it ASAP.