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  1. What’s wrong with the saekdong💀💀 I’m from a Korean family and I don’t understand the problem with it (or maybe I’m just living under a rock) and if it was related to some kinda pedo stuff, I don’t think it was intentional and please leave the cod store guy alone, bro didn’t even do nothing wrong

    1. Oh wait nvm, the colors, my bad, I just realized it was the colors, FUCK HOW DID MY DUMBASS NOT NOTICE, I thought yall had a problem with the name, not the color, fuck my bad

      1. Tbh I don’t think it was intentional I just think they saw some colors similar to the flag and fucked up, not knowing

  2. Why is the gun named after clothes for 1-7 year olds then you sure it’s not a pedo thing Activision shill gtfo 184000 players MW2 is a failure come back to me when you’ve actually made a good point

  3. its an asian thing not pedo thing. its like the swastika …… It was a buddhism thing before germany made it notorious…

  4. I’m Glad im not the only you saw the color pattern to be a pedophile flag look a like. Dear god these companies are bold to pull shit like this?
    Such a nasty Disgrace!

  5. Why is the guy named after clothes for 1-7 year old children… check the Wikipedia if your an Activision shill reading this. We’re not wrong about this accusation.

  6. Jesus fucking christ. For those who don’t know, the flag on the magazine of the SAEKDONG skin is the “m.a.p” flag, otherwise known as the pedophile flag. I really hope this is a coincidence.

  7. I notice that a lot of people is ignoring or defending this shit. DELETE EVERY ACTIVISION TITLE PLEASE!!!! This shit is craaazy!
    i always loved the game but this is honestly too much!!!!!

  8. As a follow up, it’s even more obvious this is for a specific group of individuals when you look more into it. Saekdong is a Korean word, yet, this is a bundle for a Chinese holiday. I’m not incredibly cultured. But this clashes, no? Just a bunch of completely unrelated things here to hide this disgusting flag.

  9. I looked over the video and just wanna say, you should be more specific. It’s not the name or the camo itself. It’s the flag on the magazine that’s promoting pedophilia. Either way, this is NOT okay.

  10. hey, i and everyone that knows this SAEKDONG camo is promoting a group that are child molesters need to delete all activision games until they publicly apologize and give us an explanation on why they have done this… i have been a COMPETITIVE call of duty player for 10 years.. i am ashamed of this company. anyone needs to know what we are talking about should watch ghost of eight youtube video on this.

    the SAEKDONG camo is promoting PHEDOPHILES……

      1. bruh for real? Even if it’s a mistake don’t you see that the colors match with the criminal MAP flag? Search for the traditional saekdong colors, there is nothing like that… bruh be honest with yourself. I love the game too but after this i feel strange playing it. DELETE THE GAME (play insurgency sandstorm, that is a game)

        1. Good for you, go play that sandstorm game but don’t pretend that you have a understanding of Asian cultures.

  11. Supporting Peddos now not enough lawsuits on the planet to go against this company…… New record low absolutely disgusting.

  12. Saekdong is actually Korean….I think you guys might of slipped a piece of Horangi’s up coming future bundle into the mix…smh