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  1. I haven’t played in a long time and now when I come back, all the season 5 good bundles are out! I’m going to be broke after this 🤣

  2. Can someone fix the ironsight picture on the yandere because it looks like a low quality picture, and ruins the look on the gun, when I want to see the anime girl on the ironsight.

    1. It’s blurred because the character focuses on the ironsight, not the anime girl under it. Although it is intentional, it’s weird since the anime tracer m4 didn’t blur the ironsight anime girl.

      1. gold, platinum, and damascus makes it loose the pink, but not the actual anime characters. Kilo 141 keeps the metal parts too. FR 5.56 keeps the bandaids too. Obsidian just covers everything

  3. the moment it came out, I instantly wanted to buy it. Unfortunately, Ps plus subscription ended the day it came out and my card isn’t working. I made the decision to go out to a convenience store to buy a ps plus subscription gift card like a 12 year old. I live by west coast. I’m outside and just bought the giftcard. My phone starts ringing amber alerts like crazy and the sky is turning orange. That’s when I realized that there was a wildfire. Ashes start flying all over the place as I run back home. I’m freaking out about the wildfire, but atleast I bought this bundle. Right now, the fire’s safe where I’m at. I got a bunch of ash in my lungs, but this bundle made it worth it.

  4. Doesn’t anyone’s uncle here own infinity ward or something so that Notice Me IV is released sometime soon?
    *IM DYING*