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  1. Rather be that than have below middle school level grammar while throwing around middle finger emojis on the internet.

    1. This site’s reply function is still broken. All extensions disabled and it still puts a reply as a new comment.

        1. Rather be that than have below middle school level grammar while throwing around middle finger emojis on the internet.

  2. This is terrible… attacking Christianity shouldn’t be allowed. Every evil person in the comments talking abt molesting in the church doesn’t realize that devil worships molest kids and eat them… call of duty should remove this

    1. The Catholic Church is a cult. It just doesn’t get any shit because they say Jesus Christ did amazing things. Plz it’s all bs. 

    2. First off, YOU, being (stereotypical christian) are being judgemental by calling anyone EVIL. Hence why these good people are, of course, justified in attacking your belief system – you repeatedly from (actually below) on high tell them how they’re wrong.
      Second: a) I’d like for you to site the source of your information as you state it from a factual basis;
      b) the comparative statistics/ratio of incidents of occurrence breakdowns between all of the sects of christianity and “Devil Worships.”

      This information would be incredibly helpful in: a) helping you sound more like a credible source of unbiased information;
      b) ensuring that the readers can make an educated and logical decision based off of facts vs. gaslighting tactics;
      c) making sure that no argument can be formed against you saying that you’re displacing or defending your choice of going with your emotions over your rational adult logic.

      Surely, you, being a critical thinker and the strong defender of that which created all things, knows that of you leave such things open to interpretation by any such “Devil Worships” they will truly seize the opportunity.

      BTW, are you SURE that people actually worship the devil and don’t just say it to make a mockery of religion?

    3. It says in the Bible multiple times that the devil is prince of this world. He has authority to rule over us, if you love the world you hate God.

  3. Keep your comments to yourself no one wants to hear your BS about the best package they have Call of Duty fans will beat the s*** out of you and if you play Cod stay the f*** off

  4. Once again this is trash. Let people play the game without putting your demonic BS in it. And stop molesting kids yoo

  5. I think most people will buy this bundle for the tracer rounds but it is nice to know some people are finally seeing how lazy the developers are by using skins from the previous modern warfare

  6. The 30 round magazine actually works with this RPK unlike the last 2 RPK blueprints (an invisible standard 80 round drum would be in place instead).

    Also both blueprints here utilise standard ammunition to fire tracers thus changing ammunition type would remove the tracer effects.