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  1. not my bundle …. i like to play with syd because she is a cool operator but this skin isn‘t good . i started with the second season so i missed the first season skin from her and i don’t like the 3 normal skins

  2. It’s funny. Everyone has their own opinion. I didn’t like the hair. So I decided not to get this. Love the Tactical Human skin though.

    1. I didn’t like the hair either, I felt it looked too fake; like, I know a lot of people with straightened hair and it looks more put-together than that. The Tactical Human bundle does more justice for Syd.

  3. This skin is clean. I love the hair on her. Way better then the other Tactical Human one she has with the braids and green jacket.

    The gun is nice and the truck skin for Warzone is decent.

    I like this bundle a lot.