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  1. On the first day I got this bundle, but a few weeks ago for some reason my cod points were returned and my account was reset, 24000 cod points returned and I only want Messi back…

  2. Pls bring Messi back I couldnt buy him because i didnt have a ps5 a year ago pls bring him back Id buy him in a heart beat

  3. stfu nigga more people would rather get the skin then save your random ass and hella people care about messi neymar and paul

  4. Please bring back! I was under the impression that since other operators are still on the operator select screen that I could buy it when I got the points needed, but Messi isn’t there anymore! Please bring back.

    1. That would ruin the whole point in buying it before, they made it like this so its more rare and exclusive

  5. I wasnt playing the game at the time it would be great if you guys brought back the Messi operator. Id buy it in a heart beat!

  6. Bring this Messi bundle back, alot of players didnt had the chance to buy it, so pls Bring this bundle back, thx

  7. Vaznev-9k Skin change before and after the world cup, before, the gun have “Messi” name written on the gun but after, they removed it :p

  8. The skin is actually pretty good, but from pov of player its nothing special. It looks so normal. Neymar’s skin has a yellow sleeves and its look cool. But Messi is nothing outstanding. It looks like standard skin.

  9. The voice acting by Messi is by far the worst I have ever heard. I hope those are place holders. No yelling, echo sounds like it is not mastered at all just recorded on booth with morning coffee.