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  1. unfortunately that is not the kilo 141 that is the ram-7 the kilo 141 does not have the magazine behind the trigger

  2. You have to unlock it to have access to the full gun in the armory otherwise you have only the blueprint even if you level it up. No change to the original. I bought this too and am enjoying it but want to build something more like the Corruptor from the Warzone.

  3. RETRO GAMER BUNDLE – Purchased – however, I cannot equip the ‘Bad Command” charm on the assault weapon, ‘Glitchey Trigger’ (part of the package) because the Ram-7 cannot be unlocked in Warzone. Nowhere in-game does it say this.

    So in effect, I have been sold something that I cannot have in-game and I feel very ripped off. Actually robbed.

    I can only assume that this is a bug and that you are not directly trying to rip off your player base.

    I would also like for you to stop offering services for sale that you are not providing.