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  1. Not saying anything but Fortcrap gets family guy , Eminem , even snake from MGS but what’s COCK aka Cod get they boys fucking laaaaame stupid outfits that don’t fit the game but these fag boys get these to play 3rd person , weirdos go get some in real life , boycott!!!

  2. They should add more milsim bundles.

    Not because I want them, more because hopefully it’ll make the milsim larpers shut the fuck up for 5 minutes and let the rest of us enjoy goofy shit like this. (It won’t)

    1. Lol fr they can just go play a mil sim lol. Cod aint the game for this kind of shit. Plus they can just use default skins like I do lmaoo

      1. Exactly brother. Its a known strategy, they saw the hype surrounding black noir. Now they push every other skin that isnt him, and stretch the time for as long as “the boys” licensing lasts in hope for we succumb to our wants because we humans are like this. They do some hard psyhology games on us just go get all of our money

        Ohh, also ALL this meanwhile they have the same bugs since launch

        Just imagine what they earn daily. Releasing some shit That some kid wil get 100% while he waits for the thing he wants. Parents nowadays arent even parenting no more, they just buy microtransactions for their kids cause its cheaper than toys and gets the annoying gen alpha to shut up