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  1. Truee.
    And i miss that Hdr sniper from 2019..ahh memoriess..but heck they put some people like pathfinder from verdansk..fck activision

  2. idk what happened i looked at nolan since it wasnt in the store and the skin was gone does anyone know what happened??

  3. This may be my last year on COD…
    I saw a sneak into the upcoming bundles…sadly I’m not impressed..and I bought the vault edition with hopes..but I already knew in the back of my mind…
    The Boys, Walking Dead…Dune, just all filler for lack of content, and development in general…
    All these new bundles are mid…and seems they are desperately trying to keep up with Fortnite…they had a good formula 2019, hell you can look at old bundles on this site and see the difference…they’ve lost something, whoever quit or moved on took that with them..

      1. That was a nasty move. They should just do it like Fortnite… Keep all skins and keep evolving Warzone but they greedy I guess 🤷‍♂️

    1. Seriously. I was trying to cope this bundle but price is absurd for the content. What happened to the content creators ? Is there a way we as community to give them our input !? I know they hardly listen but for a ” new game ” which is just a dlc extension from MW2, it feels like they’re trying hard to kill the Warzone franchise. It’s sad what they did to the bundles not to mention the rest. I aint buying this overpriced junk.

    2. Probably shouldn’t be playing cod if you’re worried about how bad the store bundles are and. not about how much you like the game itself.

      Just a thought

      1. I hear ya, but I don’t play games just for the sole purpose of mechanics..

        You sound like a pong player, I’m just saying

  4. Skin is cool but no tracer and the weapon design for 2800 points is disappointing. They don’t even try anymore boooooh.