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  1. Bro this has gotta be one of the worst skins in cod history and you sim pin for her she ain’t gonna smash 😭😭😭

  2. Wow… the hairstyle was a game changer for you….lol
    It wasn’t the price or the content…but the hairstyle..lol
    You saw the hair bun and said “ naw fam I’m skipping this one!!…I’m not t feeling the hair tie bun” lol

  3. I like the skin but the only issue I have is that they forgot to add her glasses on the unmasked version of the skin.

    I wish she looked like the picture of her on the main screen when you click what game mode you want to play.

    Owell… I bought it for 3rd person.

    1. Update to skin in the season 4 reloaded update.

      They added her glasses to her unmasked skin. Now she looks like the pic from the main menu.

  4. For some reason they make all the stickers mid, while the emblems are usually fire. Idek why, I mean, look at that Darth Vader x Samurai emblem.

    1. She pretty but at the same time a warrior. At least to me. In WMII COD the message board said the Vega bundle had tracers but the specs show no tracers.