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  1. tfw the human race can travel lightyears and raid galaxies and create superhumans, but you still cant get plastic surgery. this is why we spite the God-Emperor

  2. Lookin like a dutch scientist with a wife and kids, a 90s black metal swede, a caucasian male. This thing is so ugly no Genetor of the Mechanicus, or hermaphroditic follower of Slaanesh would DARE call it “female.” give this nigga some hormone treatments and makeup ASAP 😂😂

  3. Makes Sister of Battle skin

    Looks more like a dude from isn’treal.

    Yes I’m talking about the doc skin.

    Was gonna spend my CoD Points on this. Guess I don’t need to now…

  4. Whoever made this skin at activison, they need to be escorted out of the building immediately, this looks like Sean Strickland in a wig.