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  1. yeah i got this ultra skin in my shop of this zombie operator with purple diamonds all over. But i heard that people who buy these skins get shadow banned for some reason because technically the skins aren’t out yet

  2. Store is pretty messed up recently, in the recommended for you section some people are seeing bundles that aren’t released yet, it’s very confusing but it’s cool to see the bundle early!

  3. This bundle is showing up for me on some accounts of mine but not others, but I still decided to display it since some are seeing it as well.

  4. This operator and gun are beautiful! Might have to get this one, holding off on MW2 bundles definitely paid off! ✨💖

  5. Not in the store. You people need to put a refresh button in. It’s infuriating having to stare at the same bundles I have no interest in. Knowing that many other players already have access.