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    1. You can always buy any operator u want just go to gun attachments and go to stickers and the ones u have padlocked click square and it takes u to the operator

      1. Are there any specific conditions that make that happen? I’ve never had that happen before and would like to avoid it in the future.

        1. Like you said it’s rare the filter catches legit comments, but when it happens just wait a bit till I approve it or try rewording it. No need to spam it, I check the comments very often.

      2. I’m bot a Spam/Bot..Just i hate shiny colors on a fck soldier..They should be green or get a camo on them..Like Graves..all in black,Soap..but that is expensive as fck..90$

  1. Pay to lose skin. Saw it in a private match before it was released and it’s brighter than the entire damn future of CoD.

  2. Saw a bot in a private match using this before it was released and they were brighter then the entire damn future of CoD. Basically paying for a “shoot here” sign above your head.

  3. This is horrible. I bought this for the tracer rounds on the MCW and you can only use the tracer rounds if you equip a specific attachment. This is stupid I want my money back because now I can’t even use the Cool tracer rounds on my gun the way I want to use it.

  4. see especially this one, it’s obvious you’re after the younger customers with this one. All the shiny colors will attract kids in no time

    1. It’s a cool bundle
      I find it unfortunate that’s the only market they view profitable…being a lot of their core based fans aren’t necessarily children. But I get it, there’s a lot of “data” behind this trend shift…
      Shit…we’ll see what these numbers will get them thou…