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  1. Anyone willing to gift through the cod mobile app? You can in the owned bundles section of the app, my Activision ID is Jyn Erso#5611013

    I’ll PayPal you 20 USD if your willing to gift, I know this probably won’t work but I’ve been waiting since January and I’m tired of waiting, anyone willing to help me out would make my day

    DM me on Twitter @MiraOhMira so I can PayPal you the money

  2. I only saw it in the store once and gone it is. Why can’t they just make it easy for everyone and have ALL the bundles available? ffs

  3. Can anyone gift it to me via the cod companion app? You can gift it through «owned bundles» at the bottom of the store page. Im in EU so it hasnt been in my store for 3 months 🙁
    Ill paypal whoever gifts it to me with 2000CP worth of money, eventhough it only costs 1600CP.
    Id be so insanely happy!

  4. I wonder what happens if i buy $550 worth of cod points which would come to 65000 cod points an just buy stuff in the featured and operator section or the store until i get to this pack i wonder if i can get to it. something for me to look in to doing maybe? i don’t know?

  5. Guys there is still hope, because the Weapon is ingame. You can find the gun on the ground like many other weapons which were in the shop.

    1. Well you’re not wrong but what i’m thinking is we’re never going to see it in the armoury because it hass to be in the store. i had this feeling that it’s still in the store we just to buy stuff in the featured section or Do what we are all doing and wait for it to go back in to the featured stuff again because i got the mask less rose skin and the new lerch skin too and it never could see their blueprints in the armoury.

  6. Same. Been checking every day since January. Some Operator packs have been in and out of the store several times since then but no sign of this one. Until this comes back I’m not gonna buy anything else out of principle at this point.

    1. im been checking at all times of the days an im thanking it’s not coming back bececause it’s too NSFW or what?!? they already let other packs out wh can’t this one come back into rotation i need a answer damn it. do they not want my money for this pack?

  7. Does anyone here got this pack? Because I really want it and i’m willing to buy it off of anyone who is willing to gift it to me

  8. I tried looking for the Uzi in the Armory (hopefully to get the bundle that way) but nope. Not there. Please add it! Love this one.

    1. Tried the same thing :/ it was definitely there a few days ago but i didn’t realize what it was at the time. This sucks

  9. Please for the next store change up, bring this back. I bought cod points just for this pack. I’ve waited a full week. I just want to buy it already.

    1. The day I bought cod points was when j saw it in the store and they took it off as I purchased the coins, which rly made me mad. So I’ve had 1600 cod points just waiting to be spent and im waiting for this bundle.

  10. Where is this bundle?! Bring it back its like after a couple says its gone from the store! Give us some time to get it before its gone! I check everyday for this pack to be back!

  11. Wow they’re actually dropping some content for MW operators. And my girl Domino.
    But why the fuck does it have to be bright red. Literally making it easier for others to see you