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  1. WTF Is chazzawazza I’ve never ever heard that before I’m from sydney ,isn’t the Qld side always referred to as “cane toads” and blues “cockroaches”!!

  2. this isn’t a political thing – it’s related to State of Origin, an australian rugby league series where queensland and new south wales play against each other

    1. I mean it kinda is political. You know how many small wars have been fought over Origin by families spread over the states? I stay out of that BS completely because it gets even worse when you went to the same school as some of the names of years past so it’s even more fraught with peril.

    1. It’s rugby league football. The state of NSW and QLD play each other. Both are selection of the best club players from each state in a 3 game representative series.

    2. No, its an Australian Rugby League against Queensland – MY BOYS YEAHHH – And the dogs from NSW, not political, its a sporting event

    1. OMG you guys it’s from state of origin it’s an Australian thing that happened every year and chazzawazza is a reference to Australia and roaches are related to NSW

    1. No, it’s a sports thing. This is for State of Origin, a three-game annual rugby league contest between Queensland (The Maroons) and New South Wales (The Blues). That’s why there are balls. “Get in the scrum” refers to a rugby term. And that’s maroon, not red.

      Carn the mighty Maroons!