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  1. Works fine for me on ps4. Some vanguard skins and weapons are specific to warzone and or vanguard. Says at thr top of the bundle.

  2. The pack is broken for me too. I basically just have a skin and coins. looks like everything about this game is broken. shit gets old.

  3. same. id have thought itd be fixed by now. could be such a great game, but seems they constantly come up short.

  4. Any bundle purchased with actual money is only seen by users of the same system. PC users using this skin will look like the base skin to console players.

  5. I have the full game on both Xbox and PC. Cannot view bundle on Xbox and the Kar98 blueprint doesn’t work. I switch weapons in a match and nothing happens or character goes to fists. Purchased and viewable on PC but nothing for any of it on Xbox side. On PC side it’s only the Kar blueprint not working… the only reason I purchased the bundle anyways.

  6. I paid 20 buck for this bundle and didn’t get it for a week, and when it finally showed in up it gave me the weapons blueprints, but no knuckle buster quip, and no operator mask, just the operator. I don’t own nor will I buy Vanguard to have this bundle in full, when I PAID 20 bucks for it! and I feel like they want you to buy Vanguard for the full bundle!? Glitch!? Maybe… getting sick of COD issues!

  7. Greetings, why did the Dec 15th 1.50 patch in WareZone Pacific removed (broke) my Roland Operator – “Jungle Specter skin”?
    I had previously purchased the skull-collector-pro-pack and got the Mask with Orange skull painted on it, along with a hat that had ghillie brush… after this update my skin no longer have these… it ONLY shows Roland face.. this is specific to the Jungle Specter skin I had purchased in the bundle… Frustrated by this!!!!!…. the advertised skin was part of the reason I purchased this bundle, to help with camouflage in game play..
    question is – will this be fixed? thanks!