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  1. Primate, you and every one else in the planet shares as much dna with an orangutan as you do with a second cousin. Also one of the smartest apes us included. Also there is no color in race, you are all the same race the human race.

  2. First,that’s not a monkey. It’s an ape which happens to be one of the most peaceful yet abused and murdered by humans in the palm oil industry. Second, if you think that’s white you need it eyes checked.

  3. The leaked Monkey bundle we were supposed to get was much better looking. Political correctness screwing over it’s release was such a damn joke

  4. they need to fix the bug/glitch/broken piece not providing the buyer with the added active duty slot! this is BS 3 out of the last 4 bundles have more active duty slots, but no one is getting them if they have 20/20 active duty slots currently. its BROKEN! fix it!