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  1. I bought this bundle and really liked it but now the finishing move doesn’t work.Also the hyena doesn’t appear on the loading screen anymore. Not sure what happened but would love for this to be fixed they were the two items out of the bundle i really wanted and now i feel like i wasted $20

  2. One of the best operator skins money can buy! And the PKM LMG with the dismemberment effect is really cool 😎! I love it 💓

  3. One of the worst packs in the game baring the dismemberment guns….looks like he is going horse riding with his teeny jodpers hahaha. Gettin fed up of this game now as infinity ward just put in zero effort whatsoever! Same crappy packs recycled continually….packs not brought back for months. What is the point to there store at all?

    1. I’d have to disagree. I like the skin and the rest of the vanity items in the pack. If you’re not happy with the game, you can stop playing it. You know that right? You don’t have to be miserable

    2. Another brother complaining about the skin, DUDE IT’S FIRE, THE BLUEPRINTS ARE FIRE, SO WHATS THE PROBLEM WITH THE SKIN? Nothing. The problem may just be the fact you can’t get it? I’m a psychologist and that’s my assessment, I strongly recommend you stay off the hateraid and look for a meeting and share or find Jesus. GBY.

  4. I bought this only for the shotgun. Everything else is mehhh. But the shotgun is fire. I love seeing body parts fly with the most OP shotgun in the game.

  5. I want to buy nikto take no prisoners bundle but it’s out now, it’s coming again or I totally lost the chance to buy it?

  6. I bought this pack and I love it! The dismemberment ammo shoots red tracers or maybe it’s a blood mist lol