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  1. Hey whoever that is ….that’s a great customer…it was a great product
    His opinion is proof they fell off… and a sign of a potential decline in sales
    Call it what you want…

  2. Do you mean… Warzone 2019? You’re whining because you spent a ludicrous amount of money on cosmetics and want to spend even more…?

    1. I haven’t seen one person with this skin since its release….or the cowboy hat trash bundle either…whatever it’s called

  3. could have been an insane skin if they kept it like a whole suit of armor instead of it being just a upper body suit

  4. Honestly amazing looking skin love the futuristic look it a change of pace from anime gamer and demon skins

  5. every time i see a bundle like this i think “man, sledgehammer really wants to do a AW sequel, don’t they?”

    never liked AW but i kinda feel for them. i dig some of these futuristic looking bundles they’ve done.

  6. MW’19 wasn’t free though…?
    I get the feeling you’re the same guy that goes on every bundle page and leaves a similar whiny comment

    1. It was free only paying for bundles but they are worth it and then activision decided to kick us their best consumers..And yeah i do whine..bcs i spent about 1000€ on almost all bundles..and then fck you they say