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  1. Load out screen > gear up > operator > Jet (19th operator) > whimsey.
    For the gun:
    Gear up > (I suggest clicking the bottom one) click gun > make sure you have secondary one/ clicked > handguns > WSP Stinger > bubble gum.
    And the rest are like the decals and emblem which shouldn’t be hard to find. You can add the decals/sticker to any of the guns I believe. Just click appearance and yeah. The emblem is gonna be almost next to the operator. Hope this helps🫡

  2. operators > find jet > customize > select whimsy skin > purchase

    (Basically every skin never has a specific time it appears *Besides limited timed operators* in the shop and you can always purchase them)

    You can do this for any other skin you want besides limited timed operators such as homelander and nicki minaj

  3. no its n0t check again lmfao its a female i have jet even know its 2024 u must know only 2 gender s

  4. You can still get her if you got to operators > jet > then find the skin and she should be there that’s how I got her!

  5. _________________77777777777777777777777777______________________

  6. Where are the tracers from these great bundles? I’m having to use a crazy looking tracer just so these cool skins have them.

  7. For me I’m waiting for them to add like- a furry skin, I know the rain deer exists but- me being a degen, I do rather want a furry skin, rather than this. (Though not gonna lie, that cat skin with the helmet Is prob a furry skin.)

  8. not enough tracers or shitty milsim accents that fuck up the colorway of the operator. its not a generic white guy in standard uniform suffering from PTSD. not milsim enough. and i cant live without gay flamboyant tracers that i dont pay attention to after 15 seconds of shooting

  9. its japanese streetwear and looks like ninja pants complimenting the movement of the game. bootcut pants look Horrible and joggers wouldve made her legs look thick/manlier. + she got that shit ON. thank god the design team doesnt listen to ppl like you.