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  1. You dont need to purchase it from the store, you can go to the character under Operators and then hit the Square to purchase the bundle.

  2. The intelligence that statement showed about her voice, was truly, and ridiculously simple.

    There are light skinned and blue eyed Japanese people. (I mean there is a basic Netflix Anime that showcases EXACTLY this…)They may not have 100% pure Japanese DNA…but they grew up there and live just like any other person who’s “voice doesn’t match their face”.

  3. if you look under iso hemlock for the store guns via the armory you will see her package come up and you can buy it that way regardless if its in the shop or not.

  4. Does anyone want to agree that having half of your combat suit dragging around, chest plate flapping up and down, and helmet dangling from the side smacking you in the hips and rear end while you are running is the dumbest choice in combat?

    1. Yeah would like to see more 15 minute cool down options. M4, M13B, and a victus DMZ pack would sell nicely

  5. They are so bad at making female skins for this game.. they made “half” a decent skin for Izzy..half..

    1. Ikr it’s so annoying since the iso isn’t even that good now and it’s literally in half the bundles

    1. In case you are serious, I dont advise account sharing for obvious safety reasons. Izzy’s bundle probably should stick around for a while. You’ll get a chance to grab it! 😊

  6. They put so little effort into the blueprints because they know people will just buy it for the operator

      1. ha i love call of duty they are so funny also cod i play the game everyday so thx for making to game so good