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  1. There is a bizon tracer pack coming this season.
    It fires brown bison turds 💩
    It will be called The Great White Buffalo 🐃

    1. are u dumb an94 is a water gun no one uses that gun its straight garbage I rather play with the iso instead of that garbage gun, grant it it is really steady but thats all.

  2. It’s an ak47 blueprint not an94 lol there hasn’t been a tracer for the ak47 yet, only a dismember ak with the talon pack. So seeing as the ak is one of my fav guns I’m glad they brought out a tracer BP for it and the electric tracers are cool af tbf. But yeah I agree there’s too many tracers for mp7 already, I’d love a bizon one too.

    1. Yea my bad i was talking about the 16 bit one with p90 and an94 I am glad tho that they did make an ak one I love that gun its just fun to use.

  3. Can we f*** plz plz have a bizon tracer just one tracer just one the M4 has 5 now right or som like it the bizon plz just one is there away to send a complaint to modern warfare who even uses the An94 its garbage who even uses that gun, the mp7 has two already and so does the p90 just one bizon tracer

    1. The problem is they make good weapon blueprints for the overused/meta weapons which is bloody annoying but glad they made a coolest tracer for the ak.