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  1. If you played warzone on the first day in season 2 you’ll see the white mirage skin was labeled Beatrice Skin 9 and of course the skins hair color is the exact same as Beatrice’s hair color

  2. Anna is Austrian
    Look at the patch on the bag. That’s a Austrian Flag bro..the same patch on every Anna skin

  3. No. This is the correct Anna Level 100 skin.
    The Anna “White Mirage” Level 100 skin is actually a Beatrice skin.
    I reached out to support about this as well

  4. It’s just real shady… i paid for the Battle Pass.. this is the skin they initially advertised for level 100..and to try to resale it as a “new bundle” is bad business…they didn’t even change it! They just switched the operator..you can still see the Austrian patch on the bag!! That’s clearly a Anna skin!!! Smh.. 2000 CP for something you already paid for gtfoh

  5. This was the original Battlepass Level 100 skin…Devs keep switching bundles and pulling skins last minute
    This clearly was set as Polina bundle…Beatrice isn’t Russian lol…that green Automaton is random asf… probably from some other bundle…”they tried it” 2000 CP