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  1. Hi guys. Haven’t played cod in years I’m playing free war zone and bought this pack but cAnt seem to use the guns. I’m on level 32. Everytime i start I have a handgun and that’s it?

    1. In the warzone menu screen, go to your loadouts. From there, you can make your custom weapon set that you want to use in warzone matches. The blueprints you bought are shown on the right side of the weapon icons. click on the primary weapon to switch it out. From here, you can choose a custom gun. The blueprints you bought are variants of the AUG (assault rifle) and AX-50 (sniper) and they can be found in the respective categories. Just to the right of the gun icons should be another button called “blueprints”. Click on it and you will bring up a screen showing all the blueprints you have for that gun. Select the “run it back” or the “flawless technique”. From there, you should be able to see your primary weapon icon be changed to the blueprint. You can also customize the attachments to the gun from “armory” though, you can only do the s if you unlocked the gun. You can still use the blueprints even if you did not unlock the gun.

      You can put the charm on the guns by pressing the “armory” button next to the gun icon in each custom loadout. You don’t need to unlock the gun to put a charm on it. There should be an option to click “customize” and from there you can add in a charm and/or a sticker on the gun.

      After finishing your custom loadout, you can use it in a normal warzone game. All you need to do is get enough cash, go to a buy station, and buy a loadout drop marker. After buying the marker, use it. This will make your character drop a marker on the ground and red smoke should come up. Wait a moment and a crate will drop from the sky on that marker (be careful not to get killed from the crate). Interact with the crate and you will be able to choose one of your custom loadouts from the crate. Choose the one you previously made and you can now use your blueprints!

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s just cool camos for your guns… I have platinum on snipers and use the ax50 but really want this pack it looks so clean