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  1. MEU DEUS, eu preciso muito comprar essa m4a1 e mp5, são projetos lindos!, além de ser minha classe favorita no Cod , eu amo elas , por favor coloquem esse pacote denooooooovo ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. Please bring back the Executive Armory V Blueprints Bundle!!! Please be available at the COD MW store! We would love to purchase it. The gold Camo on M4A1 is amazing and great looking gun with the design. Thank you!

  3. What is the default iron sight on this M4? Is it the standard round one or the xrk version which i think is much better (the flat one)?

      1. Maybe for you but I don’t see it. It’s only the Executive Armory One that’s available. Do you know when is coming out again? Thanks.