1. Hello,
    my question would be, will the tracer pack: anime blueprints still be in the store? And if so for how long?

    1. The green tracer pack is here today on mine. So is the blue and pink. BUT on my daughters game they are all there

    1. The M4a1 is for pussies and people who suck Ass cheeks at the game it is a noob and campers best friend

      1. It is literally the most average gun in the game. It doesn’t have any bad stats, nor does it have any good stats. The same thing goes for all of its ammunition conversions too. Compare this to other guns that have a high fire-rate but lower damage, or a low fire-rate and higher damage, and its clear as day why the M4A1 happens to win more engagements, it is just more rounded out.

        But if you are a good player, and create loadouts that fit your playstyle perfectly, and you play your matches in a way that you always have the advantage, you should be able to win against any player regardless of loadout.

        If the first thing you do when you lose a firefight is blame the tools the enemy was using, you will never get better at the game.

  2. Hello Is it Random What pops up in the Store Because I only see some of the Stuff here not all and when I buy something than something else pops up.

    1. That is correct, when you buy a bundle it will be replaced by another bundle. Currently, it seems to be random which bundle will appear after you buy one.

  3. I was also wondering if there was a schedule to know to buy specific packs. Was looking for the Anime- Breakup

    1. There is not a specific schedule for any bundle to return. However, we do have a timer on the frontpage that shows when the store usually updates.

  4. Hello I bought Scar blueprint named Fireclaw its so unfair if I change barrel or smth else it change look for normal scar instead of fireclaw skin. They are making people fools paying for this sh*t. I wont buy anything in future.

  5. Hi, the tracer green pack disappeared sometime this morning and I was going to buy it. Will it be coming back?

  6. You’re amazing man! Quick question though, is it possible to track the last time a bundle was seen? Similar to Fortnite trackers.

      1. How can I buy a blueprint that’s not in the store any longer? Why would you not have everyone available all the time? You’re losing tons of money not having things we want to buy available.

  7. Do you guys know if they bring back blueprints? I wanted to buy the Executive Armory 4 and now it’s gone.

    1. Yes! They do bring them back keep checking here on codmwstore.com to see which bundles are up for sale to not miss it again 👍

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