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  1. Did you know that the P90 blueprint is very unique like the Confession AMAX, and the Pumpkin Punisher Grau 5.56. Reason why is because if you put Gold Platinum or Damascus on it, it shows the Marijuana leaves with the camo on it. 😎

  2. Would be a win/win situation if they would allow Blunt Force bundle to come back for a few days as limited time on featured. Like 3 days if that. I’ve already have the second. But the first went away as I got my card activated so that sucks. Hear our feedback Activision!!!

  3. Please bring it back if yall dont then there is something wrong with yall lmao. so many people would buy this with no hesitation. thats alot of money. whoever says no to this offer needs to be fired.

  4. go look through the blueprints, you can find the smokeshow blueprint in there and buyt the gun from there!

      1. The game wants you to purchase more P90 bundles before it puts this one back in rotation

          1. I started to notice there were 7 P90 bundles, the same ones always in the armory. Area 51, the Dark, the Nebulizer, sworn anemone, dream no more, x-panzer and delivery boy blueprints. So I bought the two cheapest ones and poof! The blunt force bundle showed up!

    1. You can still find the blunt force pack. Go to your weapon loadout, go to SMG’s select the p90 and beside the gun go to store. The weapon from the blunt force pack is a custom p90 you get the gun when you buy the pack

      1. I have had this show up under “just for you” section within the last few days. But a lot like you guys, I am starting to get worried I wont have a chance to pick up the Ronin bundle. I have been waiting for over 3 weeks for Ronin to re appear. I was a little late to the game, but Ronin feature is what brought me back to playing COD.

    1. Been waiting for this to come back out, bought the cod points for it. Then it booted me off, needing an update, when I get back in pack is gone.

      1. Had a similar experience yesterday was so ready to buy a bundle but after the restart it was gone 😑

  5. i hope they add to the store “The Reaper” bundle again. i want that AX-50

    something about that AX that it make it stand more compared to the others AX bundles: the IG user: @_aaron_beck is the one who designed that AX body, the alarged scope, bigger stock and boxy body is all from him, he have others custom artworks since he works on IW, (he’s the one who designed the F1 HotRod from NFS 2015 / PayBack too!)

    you can see that AX concept art on his profile!