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  1. Why Roze always got to be so butchy and shyt. Just about every other woman has some sexy attire. Fuckin America man.

  2. so many toxic players using this skin. i only want the doggy from this bundle. can’t i just get the dog? plus, i would love to have Dogmeat from Fallout 4 in my WZ matches.

  3. Nope. They took out the challenges for it. In my opinion if they allow others to continue using it then the skin should be fair game for everybody.

  4. Ehh i Buy Roze bundle for ROOK SKIN and i dont have it -.-… bullshit… Activision support is terrible i wait 6h for nothing. They can’t refunt me .., I
    will report to the consumer ombudsman

  5. Meanwhile, back on the ranch… I am enjoying playing the game with all 3 of the “DARK” operator skins for Roze. (whimsically cycling through them at random) {It be like that when you got all THREE} Unfortunately, for you bums… YOU NEVER……. EVER will get to experience the thrill of suiting Roze up in these very lucrative and insanely dope skins lol

  6. Does anyone know how to actually contact or email them? All I get is different support pages and no actual access to contacting them..

    1. i contact them by chat these b**** can’t do anything. they admit that There is a mistake and they can’t refund and they can’t give skin

  7. You cant unlock the «dark» skins, cause they are battlepass items. Its the same with ghost. If you buy ghost contingency, you cant unlock his mw2019 skins, cause they are battlepass skins. You only get the roze skin in the bundle.

    1. Everyone please make contact with activision…
      what they do here is misleading, they take my case serious, so do it now!

      1. What do u mean they take my case serious i contacted support 10 days ago they said they’ll contact me again and nothing is happening for 10 days i bought the bundle just for the dark skins there is no refund no missions nothing

      2. They’re not misleading. You’re just retarded. If you paid attention and had any knowledge of the game you’d know the roze rook skin everyone uses in Warzone was only unlockable on a past Battle Pass. Never do they say that but buying a Roze operator bundle will you get the Roze Rook skin, you’re just dumb

  8. If someone has any luck with this can you let us no? I’ve just brought this also and I’ve not got the challenges to unlock the darks

  9. i just bought this too, i dont see any way of unlocking the dark skins, if others have it then buying it should let you onlock it in my opinion.

  10. Wtf i bought this for the 3 black skins? And I got something else???? Wtf give me the skins or give me my money back activision? WTH

    1. This is b.s why put that up there if you can’t get the dark skins this really makes no sense they knew how to swing a lot of people out of there money

  11. So i just bought this set when i saw 3 different skin pictures, and it just gave me the default skin. Is there any way we can unlock these skins or get any refund?

  12. anyone find out if you can get the roze murk skins (all black) i purchased this bundle from the app and it showed all 3 variants in the bundle but i can’t access it. anyone?

    1. I went to ask about it on the activision forum & they said you will only get the Roze (virago) skin but not the (all black) skins etc… it’s an error in the picture of the item showing the 3 all black skins (even tho its a lie) they trynna bait people into buying it.

  13. This is currently in store with all those extra skins, but its not available to buy if you already bought it once, so yea, im missing items from it thats in it currently.

    1. The bundle is available on the COD companion App with an item showing the 3 dark skins but i’ve seen some comments saying they’re trying to unlock them but they’re not showing up in game so idk…

    1. Go to the gun and you can see the challenge you have to do to unlock it think it was get 3 butt stock kills with an assault rifle in 10 matches

  14. Been waiting a long time for this one ☝🏼 now I just need the new Mara anime pack and I’ll be happy 😊

  15. Jus bought this. The skin looks ok in gameplay.

    The gun is fire though with the blue tracers effect on the gun and dismemberment effect.

    Also the dog emblem is nice since im a dog owner but overall its ok.

    The watch is so ugly and the calling card is boring like every other operator skin.

    1. They probably have extra mission skins in the Season 5 pass. I remember it was the same way with Iskra.