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  1. Please bring this back!!! I and my bunch of friends are waiting for this for a long long time…when will it come again.

    1. You can still access and buy this bundle, or any bundle that has ever been published in the store, as long as it includes a weapon blueprint. This is because the armory houses every weapon blueprint in the game, and from there it shows which bundle it is a part of and you can purchase said bundle from there.

      You can also purchase the Ronin bundle through the operator menu, as any operators that are locked have the 1st bundle they ever appeared in featured beside them, available for purchase.

  2. I missed it again please leave in store. Why would you take it off? I’m trying to give you money!!

  3. Let’s honor Ronin and his services today on Memorial Day with this bundle back up in the store please.

  4. Let’s honor a real vet this Memorial Day weekend with Ronin back up in the store. Please bring back Ronin.

    1. Yes, please bring back Ronin. I was a little late to the party and missed it the first time around. It’s been 3 weeks now since he was first featured. Please bring back Ronin.