Lone marauder operators & identity call of duty modern warfare item bundle

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  1. Bring this back and I’ll buy it asap along with Infiltrator (rodon) and the new season pass!!! Just hook up some of these guys from last year so I can purchase please.

  2. i bought this pack and omg is it worth it! first of all of it unlocks the entire operater this lone maruader style and the styles of the cloth over his head really owrth the money-

  3. yea i want buy that bundle ”lone marauder” its the best looking in the game please bring it back CODMW

    1. We unfortunately don’t know when skins are coming back but keep an eye out on codmwstore.com to see the store every day

      1. Hi so I bought it but there is one slight problem, on both of his arms his skin is sticking out so if you read this can you please fix it